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After beginning in 1984, Christine Cremieux celebrated her 36th and last rentrée at Ermitage, finishing her long-standing career as Teacher of Visual Arts for the Collège and Lycée students. Christine embodies the spirit of our school with her personality and creativity. 

Upon announcing her retirement, hundreds of students who have benefited from her courses have paid tribute to her for sharing her passion and for fostering a learning environment where students have the freedom to create and are respected by their peers.

Christine has brought our Collège and Lycée Arts program to life, through a range of diverse themes, enabling many students to pursue the Arts professionally, in addition to the personal gratification of learning to freely express themselves through Art.

Christine’s classes will now be led by Mrs. Julia Kauffmann, who has already benefited from the students’ undivided attention and enthusiasm after only one month of being in their classroom, which is a testament to the class culture.

Thank you for all that you have achieved at Ermitage, Christine, and we hope that you will continue to create in new ways as you enjoy your retirement!

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At Ermitage, we offer you a choice between the French program with bilingual options and the International Baccalaureate program in English with a bilingual diploma option as well. Discover their similarities and differences below.

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