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The MYP5 Personal Project is a long-term, student-driven engagement which showcases the depth of learning and skills development achieved by our MYP5 students. 

MYP5 Henry's projects

At the beginning of the process, students map out their interests and ideas and eventually choose one for which they state a learning goal and a product goal. From their arsenal of Approaches to Learning Skills, they identify one or two dominant skills that help them to achieve these goals. The Personal Project process ends with a report documenting the process and a final product.

MYP5 presented their personal projects before parents and MYP4s

The Personal Project exhibition provides a moment to celebrate our students' creativity, talents, and successes. This year, we were delighted to learn that some of our MYP5 students are gifted authors, musicians, athletes, gamers, fashion designers, artists, and photographers. The visiting MYP4s, parents, and staff were impressed by a novel and a play authored by students, as well as video games created through programming, cultural fashion, photo books, cookbooks, and many other innovative ideas on display.

MYP5 presented their personal projects before parents and MYP4s

We proudly congratulate our MYP5 students for their dedication and outstanding achievements this year.

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