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Our MYP and DP1 students had the chance to see plays related to their studies. This kind of activity is organised to help them have a better understanding of what they learn in a fun way.

MYP Students Attend A Performance of A Molière's Play

Our IB MYP students were given the amazing opportunity to attend a private performance in French of Molière's play “Le Malade Imaginaire” by the Compagnie du Héron.

MYP students attended a private performance of Le Malade imaginaire, a Molière's play

The production offered a modernised theatrical approach adapted to their age, while retaining the very particular spirit of Molière and his time. This unique experience allowed the students to put their French lessons into practice and have a pleasant time outside of the classroom. 

MYP students attending the play Le Malade Imaginaire by Molière

Thanks to the Compagnie du Héron!


DP1 French B Students Attend A Play About Immigration

As part of their unit on Immigration, the IB DP1 French B students had the opportunity to go to a Paris theatre to see "Passeport", a play written by Alexis Michalik. 

DP1 students in front of the theatre in Paris

The play tells the story of Issa, a young man from Eritrea, a country located in the Horn of Africa. Left for dead in the Calais Jungle, Issa has lost his memory and the only reminder of his past he has is his passport. He embarks on a long and hazardous quest to obtain a French residence permit, surrounded by his companion in misery.

DP1 students inside the theatre in Paris

Students were mesmerised by this theatre experience, which consolidated their studies and proved a great evening out.

Actors on stage at the end of the play "passeport" about immigration


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