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comedie musicale, enfants chantant en choeurs

A few weeks ago, we were pleased to see the remarkable musical 'Les couleurs de la vie', created by Julien Erny and choreographed by Sarah Chollet-Alleau. This magnificent musical showcased the many artistic talents of our students, from singing and dancing to circus arts and drama.

This spectacular project involved nearly 300 students: 32 of them captivating us on stage with their talents as actors/singers/dancers, while the 13 classes of primary school - from CE2 to CM2 – totaling 264 children, formed the choirs, adding a collective dimension to this exceptional production. Behind the scenes, more than 15 individuals, known as the "Good Willers," worked tirelessly throughout the year. They meticulously designed and crafted costumes, props, dresses, trousers, sphinx wings, and even found a rolling sofa to facilitate seamless scene transitions. Their unwavering dedication made everything possible!

comédie musicale, vue de haut de la scène, du public et des choeurs

Beyond the two sold-out evening performances, attracting over 300 spectators each night, this project has been a long-term adventure within our school. The first rehearsals began after the October break and continued until May. Our devoted students have been rehearsing on Wednesday afternoons, Saturday mornings and even part of the holidays from December onwards. Their hard work and commitment were truly reflected in the outstanding results achieved!


comedie musicale, enfants dans un musée

The story told by our students during the musical was captivating. We follow Charlotte, a young teenager who is reluctantly visiting a museum with her mother. Disinterested in the artworks and eager to leave this "temple of boredom", she decides to take a break and wait for her mother in one of the galleries. Tired, she falls asleep and awakes to discover the deserted and closed museum. Only Pan, the faun, answers her cries for help and explains that paintings come to life at night. Pan agrees to help Charlotte in finding the emergency exit, and our two heroes embark on an adventure through the paintings and the museum halls to find the "real world". Along the way, Charlotte begins to change and to see life from a fresh perspective... culminating in a finale filled with surprises!

comedie musicale, enfant déguisés avec des ailes

This musical production was a testament to the extraordinary talents and dedication of our students and the collaborative efforts of the entire team. It left an indelible impression on all who had the pleasure of witnessing this vibrant celebration of artistry and storytelling. We are proud of the work done by all the actors and volunteers who contributed to the success of this extraordinary show.


comedie musicale, enfants gymnastes qui font une figure en porté
comédie musicale, enfants déguisés en pyrates qui font deux pyramides humaines
Comédie musicale marilyn monroe
comedie musciale, un violoniste et une ballerine qui danse


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