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On February 3, the MYP 4's hosted Mrs. Celine Colgan as a guest speaker in the culmination of Leadership class for the first semester. Mrs. Colgan graduated from The Institut Supérieur de Gestion receiving the high honor of Summa Cum Laude. Over the years, she has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial world having worked as a Business Developer, Senior Financial Advisor, Wealth management and investment specialist, Team leader and Client relationships specialist among other things.
Mrs. Colgan led a very interesting, interactive and engaging seminar. Students got a working definition of leadership and were challenged to learn how it is relevant to their lives today and in the future. She feels leadership is an essential life skill that touches on every aspect of one’s life. She emphasized to students that Leadership is different from being a manager or processing authority; being a leader is to inspire and motivate alongside the ability to build up others, to work in teams, and communicate efficiently. She also touched upon the importance of leadership in the next generation as they will be confronting issues the older generation hasn’t, such as Climate Change.
Our students left this conference with a deeper understanding of how Leadership is a vital skill for positively impacting the world. Thank you Mrs. Colgan for sharing your valuable knowledge and experiences, creating an awareness of the need for positive change leaders, and learning how to lead themselves before they can lead others.

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