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It is with great pleasure and pride that we share our outstanding results from our 2020 IBDP 5-year review. The IB has awarded Ermitage an unprecedented 24 commendations on the Diploma Program. This follows up on our excellent MYP authorization report in 2018.

The IB reviews schools every five years to ensure compliance with current IB standards and practice. This self-study measures our performance against IB practices, where Ermitage provided the IB with over 300 pages of documentation as evidence supporting our implementation of the IBDP. All of our reports since inception have demonstrated excellence in our implementation.

Ermitage’s IB Program has been recognized as exceeding IB program standards. The IB Organization stated, that Ermitage “deserves a commendation for developing and implementing a comprehensive communication plan that enables members of the school community to develop an understanding of DP assessment philosophy, policy and procedures.”


Ermitage would like to thank our school community and the IB teachers, in particular, for their exceptional work. The IB commended their teaching, curricula, collaboration, support and guidance for the students! 

The IB World Schools Manager who provides support and guidance from the IB for Ermitage expressed, "Bravo for so many commendations! It is a really good report and should guide you for the next 5 years."

Ermitage became an IB World School in 2009 after a rigorous accreditation process. More than 250 students have graduated from the IBDP attending prestigious universities worldwide. During the previous 5-year review in 2015, Ermitage earned an impressive 20 commendations.

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At Ermitage, we offer you a choice between the French program with bilingual options and the International Baccalaureate program in English with a bilingual diploma option as well. Discover their similarities and differences below.

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