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The IB Programs and the Ermitage Collège are collaborating to develop a community garden in the back of the Collège courtyard at 24 Avenue Eglé. As their service action, the IB MYP 1 Incubator class is continuing the community garden project with hopes of finalizing it by this spring. The goal is to create a sustainable garden that will be maintained by the whole school’s student body. It will include seasonal fruits and vegetables, a pond with fish and frogs, and a composting area that will recycle food waste from the cafeteria and turn it into fertile soil.
To facilitate this project, the MYP 1 Incubator class is conducting a “materials drive” by asking the students and parents of Ermitage for help by donating any new or used gardening tools or supplies in good working condition. Ideally, the drive will collect shovels, spades, rakes, gloves, pots or unopened bags of soil that will be used to build and maintain the garden. These materials will be collected in large boxes placed near the entrance of both the Gretry and the 46 buildings. Click here for more information!

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At Ermitage, we offer you a choice between the French program with bilingual options and the International Baccalaureate program in English with a bilingual diploma option as well. Discover their similarities and differences below.

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