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Last week, representatives from every collège class came together for a student council meeting led by Mrs. Decaris, Mrs. Ambridge, and Mr. Daniel. A number of points were raised and students gave their input on the best way to implement school projects, initiatives, upcoming events, and fundraising efforts. The pricing for the school pond was discussed and ideas were shared on how to fund it. Funding possibilities include a sponsored fun run where students can raise money for each kilometer they run by gathering donations from friends and family members. Last year, most of the money raised for Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque actually came from this event—there was music, a Dj, and a terrific atmosphere.
Other fundraising opportunities could include a carnival day where students can wear colorful costumes, school trips off campus, and a Saint Patrick’s day event on March 17. Other student-led initiatives were discussed in order to show support for work created by pupils at Ermitage. Other announcements included the installment of two storage lockers for Chromebooks and two clothes hangers to serve as a lost and found.
This meeting was fruitful in ideas and initiatives to advance student life. It was held in an organized manner to ensure all student voices were put to the forefront. Student Council is a perfect place for class representatives to voice their points of view, share valuable opinions that convey their fellow students’ needs, and exchange with staff in a constructive environment.

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At Ermitage, we offer you a choice between the French program with bilingual options and the International Baccalaureate program in English with a bilingual diploma option as well. Discover their similarities and differences below.

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