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On May 5 our MYP students participated in Mathletics' World Maths Day 2021. Over 10 million students worldwide gathered virtually to solve math problems in a friendly competition. Our students scored high and many ranked in the top 1400 worldwide for their grade. “The questions started out quite easy and became progressively more difficult, but as I had answered in the first ones, I was encouraged to go further,” said Lilou in MYP 5.
Certificates of participation were distributed last week. Congratulations go to MYP 5 Isabella who achieved the top score in France for the Upper school level (MYP 4 - DP 2). The Mathletics competition is clearly a place where our students shine and will likely become an annual event in the IB Program! Top Ermitage students with their World Grade Ranking include:
  • MYP 4 Isabella - 599th
  • MYP 2 Henri Shzeng - 646th
  • MYP 2 Maciej - 892th
  • MYP 3 Mateusz - 598th
  • MYP 3 Oliver - 786th
  • MYP 3 Madilynn - 1092th
  • MYP 4 Titouan - 1377th
  • MYP 4 Sierra - 1399th
  • MYP 5 Raphael - 1178th



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