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With the Olympic Games taking place in Paris this year, our students have been taking part in various events related to the sportive competition. 

A few days ago, a group of Ermitage students aged 14-17 took part in the 1st European school Sport Federation (ESSF) Open Educational Games U18 in Greece. This event aimed to remind the importance of Sports values and foster healthy and active lives to the youth. It was also the occasion to connect Ancient Olympic Games with Paris 2024.

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Throughout this 6-day sport trip, they engaged in unforgettable experiences, from witnessing the lighting ceremony of the Olympic Flame to participating in the signing of the Olympic Truce. They also had the chance to visit historical landmarks such as the Ancient Olympia and the Acropolis which made their trip truly unique!. 

Furthermore, the Ermitage students participated in collaborative projects alongside students from various other schools worldwide. These activities were a mix of sports and art to promote not only the Olympic values of excellence, respect, and friendship but also other essential values like peace, the joy of effort, solidarity, and fair play.

Let’s make a throwback to our students' 6-day trip with details on each day’s programme!

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Day 1

On day 1, the students celebrated the Flame's journey through a group art project alongside students from other schools. This collaborative project encourages friendship and the sense of unity.

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Later in the day, they witnessed the signing of the Olympic Truce Declaration, a powerful symbol of peace and respect providing safety and a peaceful environment for both the athletes competing in the Games and for the spectators in attendance.

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Day 2

The second day, our students had the incredible opportunity to witness the Flame lighting ceremony in Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Ancient Olympic Games. 

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They also participated in the Olympic Torch Relay, running alongside torch-bearers. This is surely a lifetime memory for all of them!

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Day 3

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On the third day, the programme was focused on the history of the Olympics. During their guided tour, the students visited the ancient Olympic site with an archaeologist and ran on the track used by ancient Greek athletes.

greece trip 11

They ended the day by a visit to the museum of the history of the Games.

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Day 4

The penultimate day, celebrated the unifying and inclusivity power of sports. The students took part in 4v4 basketball games, during which they played alongside the inspiring Special Olympics Team of Great Britain.

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The group was joined by an ex-professional basketball player, who provided them guidance and encouraged them to develop sportsmanship.

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Day 5

Finally, on the last day, the group explored the Acropolis and the iconic Parthenon. Before wrapping up this fast-paced yet educational trip, they also engaged in games within the historic Panathenaic Stadium, birthplace of the modern Olympic Games.

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Our students came back with a flood of memories, enriched by this unique and historic experience, which will certainly remain engraved in their memories.

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