Staff Highlight: Bravin Karunanithy

Staff Highlight: Bravin Karunanithy
  • IB MYP

On Monday, Mr. Bravin Karunanithy, our IB Music teacher, performed Thylacine dans Passengers, a live virtual Arte production. Filmed at the Bassin de Lumières, this new project blends classical and electronic music. This is one of his many musical endeavors inside and outside of the classrooom.

Born in Cologne, Germany and raised in London, UK, Mr. Bravin started learning the piano at the age of 12 and studied at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, where he obtained his Bachelor of Music and Masters of Music in classical piano performance.

Mr. Bravin has worked at Ermitage since September 2014, teaching MYP 1-5. He enjoys the multiculturalism and the open-mindedness of the students towards education and appreciates their readiness to participate and understand music in all forms. He strongly believes that music should be accessible to everyone and that it is never too late to learn an instrument.

In Mr. Bravin's MYP music class, students learn skills involved in making and performing music using a variety of instruments and technology. They explore the creation of music to film, songwriting, music performance, fundamentals of music theory/history and music business amongst many others. Throughout the MYP program, students develop a deeper understanding of the cultural, innovative and aesthetic importance of music today. One of his favorite memories at Ermitage includes creating a film based around time travel. The project involved film-making, creating a soundtrack, acting, and creating props for the production. 

For the past 3 years, Mr. Bravin has performed and written music as part of an electronic duo, Jaffna, and has performed in over 40 concerts throughout France with Thylacine, a French electronic musician. In the summer of 2018, they were invited by a French songwriter/jazz musician, Andre Manoukian, to collaborate on a project and perform in Chamonix.

The highlight of their tour was performing at “La Cigale” in Paris. In January 2020, they were invited by Château de Versailles to record a live video of “Versailles”. The palace was open exclusively for them!

Due to COVID, some of his concerts are postponed to late 2021. Fortunately, the writing process remains untouched. A tour for Thylacine’s new album “Timeless” is in preparation for October 2021, where Mr. Bravin will be accompanying him on the piano. This involves over 60 concerts around France, Switzerland, and Belgium and festivals next summer! Jaffna's debut album is scheduled to release in Spring 2021. 

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