Setting Sights Beyond Confinement 

Setting Sights Beyond Confinement 
Kaitlin Hunter

As regulations from the French Ministry of Education have started to be lifted, Ermitage has welcomed back certain groups of students for in-person learning. Ensuring the health and safety of our community is paramount and we have taken necessary precautions to do so. As always, we remain adaptable during this time of rapid change. 

Measures Taken

To promote a safe learning environment, a number of logistical measures have been taken, such as:

  • Removing a significant amount of school supplies (chairs, desks, books, toys, playground gear, etc) as well as ensuring that students bring their own devices and supplies as not to have to share.

  • Purchasing of necessary supplies, such as masks and gels, as well as 5 stand-alone hand washing stations to ensure good hand washing practices. 

  • Managing student flow at arrival and departure times, within classrooms, in the courtyards, with bathrooms and more.

  • Ensuring staff and students (as of Middle School) wear masks.

  • Taking each person’s temperature as they arrive to school.

  • Extending cafeteria into outdoor garden spaces (weather permitting) and replacing hot lunches with picnics.

  • Disinfecting of classrooms and commons areas frequently during the day and deep-cleaning weekly


Our engaging e-learning program will continue for certain Collège and IB MYP classes, and for all IB DP and Lycée students, either in a full-time or blended format depending on their academic program and/or whether classes have physically re-opened on campus. 

Lower School

Our bilingual Lower School began welcoming priority students back to campus on May 14th, with doors opening to all Elementary School students as of May 25th and Kindergarten as of June 2nd. Students’ class groups and schedules have been modified to follow a two-day rotation, having subgroups attend on either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday (allowing for deep clean of the school on Wednesdays, between the two groups). 

Middle School: College & IB MYP

The Middle School students in 6ème and 5ème as well as MYP 1 and MYP 2, made their return to school on June 2nd with a modified timetable. Protocols have been prepared and shared with families to outline measures with regards to student logistics and blended learning methods. 

Certain Middle / Upper School Levels Remain Closed

Following the Government’s announcements, we are unable to reopen the following Middle and Upper School classes: 4ème, 3ème, 2nd, 1re, Terminale and IB MYP 3, 4, 5, and IB DP 1, 2 until further notice.  

Boarding Program

For students who typically live on campus, we are unable to reopen the boarding houses at this time. There is no return anticipated for the 2019 - 2020 academic year. We eagerly await the return to school in September to reopen (pending approval from the authorities) and will communicate the appropriate protocols to our boarding families. These protocols will ensure that the health, safety, and comfort of our boarding students are of the highest levels.

What’s Next

European borders are anticipated to open as of June 15, which is a positive sign for our families living within Europe planning to relocate and/or travel to campus. We are eagerly awaiting news about international borders, which should be announced towards the end of June. Our team will continue to anticipate a range of on-site and blended-learning scenarios for both day and boarding students in anticipation of September 2020. 

Ermitage is proud of the dedication, hard work, creativity and flexibility of our community in creating a successful e-learning experience. We remain committed to ensuring an enriching learning experience moving forward and look forward to welcoming all students back to campus in the future.

We are very humbled by the outpouring of support from parents and families during these past months and the teachers and staff have fed off of the positive feedback given to them regularly. We thank you for your trust and support!

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