IB EdTech @ Ermitage

IB EdTech @ Ermitage
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IB Teachers are life-long learners too! They have taken the digital skills honed during the quarantine last year and continue to develop EdTech in the MYP and DP classrooms.

One of our IB teachers, Mrs. Kirby, is pursuing a certification in EdTech and is sharing her knowledge with the EdTech design team. In addition to teachers being comfortable using technology in and outside of the classroom, our first parent-teacher conferences were conducted virtually this October, including over 700 individual appointments using the SchoolCloud platform.

Digital tools (including website creation, OneNote, Padlets, Google classroom, etc.) allow students to engage in fun, creative and innovative ways, all the while developing their own digital skills. Students also develop digital skills and explore technology further in the MYP Design class, STEM class and after-school Round Square In Action (RSIA) coding activity. 





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