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The Ermitage Mustangs Girls and Boys Varsity teams participated in the 5th International Round Square Basketball tournament of Herlufsholm School in Denmark.

Let's start with the Girls:















It was the first ever Girls Basketball game in Ermitage history.

They were only 6 players, and only one of them played organize basketball before this tournament. But even if their lack of experience didn't allowed them to win a lot of game, they've played amazingly hard with passion and hart.

They kept on fighting every single minutes of each game, and all the coaches their agreed to say that they've improved a lot while playing.

Their coach”Hannah Jones” did an incredible job and the girls really came out as a real team.

Anna Sok. was awarded best “Fighter” of the tournament. She was the most intense player on the court. I truly believe that any girl from our team could have won this tittle since they’ve all played with an incredible high intensity level during the entire tournament.

Ayila got the “Fair Play award”, and this can tell you that even if you play hard, you still can be an example on and off the court.

Let's talk about the boys now..
























Our boys Varsity team played in this tournament 2 years ago. It was their first tournament ever, and our team had a tough time there.

Jeff C. was part of the team then, and he was explaining me how they got “killed” every game in 2013 (lost by 40+ vs Herflusholm School).

Actually, the activities coordinator told me that he never taught our team will be that good.

The team played incredibly well during the first game, leading by our team Captain, Jeff C.

Everybody told us that we improved so much that we should even be able to beat the 2 times tournament champions.

And this was clearly our goal.

We've made ii all the way to the finals, and we got to face the defending champions: Herfulsholm School. And they were clearly not ready to let it go without fighting.

We lost 21:24 against a team with three 6”8’ kids and without our starting power forward and Captain who had to leave Saturday night because of the IB mock exams.

Malo C. was named tournament MVP, and our school finished with more awards than any other school in the tournament.

I’m really proud of our 2 Mustangs teams, not just because they did good on the court, but also because every coaches and Herlufsholm staff members came up to us explaining how well behaved, nice, and educated our students were, and this is exactly what Ermitage is about!!!

Let's go MUSTANGS!!!


Posted by in Basketball on Friday June 5, 2015 at 09:43
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The Varsity boys Basketball Mustangs played their last game of the season last Saturday against ISP.

It was a really tough and fun to watch type of game, with a lot of intensity from both Varsity teams.

ISP got a really competitive team with some students playing at the national level in France and use to club competition.

Our team played until the last second of the game and the players did their best, but without 2 of our main inside players and only 7 players able to make it, we came up short and lost the game: 48-42.

We are definitely looking foward to play them next season, just like ASP, and of course, this time, we will look for the W's...

Even if we won't have any more games, the Girls and Boys Varsity and MS teams are still practicing every Tuesdays and Saturdays.

It's time to get better and be ready for next season...



Posted by in Basketball, Game summary on Thursday March 19, 2015
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The ISP (International School of Paris) invited us to participate in their first Basketball and Soccer tournament.
The event is for boys and girls from grade 6 to 8 (6ème to 4ème or Fnd 1/3), and will take place Saturday, April 11th 2015 from 10:30 to 17:30.

The tournament will be held in “Domaine Cour Roland” 60 rue Etienne de Jouy, 78350 Jouy-en-Josas.

We will be playing against the ISP, the ASP (American School of Paris) and the EABJM (Ecole Internationale Jannine Manuel).

This is a charity event, the tournament fee is 10€/player, and all the money raised will be given to help handicapped children from the "Le Petit Prince" association.

Depending on the total number of students who'd like to participate on each sport, we might have to organize some "Tryouts" for the teams.

Registration: please email Mr Calvaire at

Everybody is welcome to watch and cheers our players...Ermitage is waiting for all of you...


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Ermitage International School of France offers the second edition of a two days Basketballcamp taking place April 18th and 19 2015 (first weekend of the Easter holidays).

Staff consists of BEES1 coaches and sport educators.

Open to girls and boys from 6 to 15 years old, all basketball level.

Opportunity to participate for the full camp including training, accommodation and meals, or to come over one day only Saturday or Sunday.

-Full Weekend 80€ (practices, accommodation and all meals)
-One Day 40€ (practice and lunch)

Posted by in Basketball, Mustangs Athletics on Tuesday March 17, 2015
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Our Varsity players did a great job at the American School of Paris facilities. We lost this game by 10 points (40-30) against a team playing ISST first division (International Schools Sports Tournament) and without our entire team (Cesar, exchange program, Clement and Arvin unavailable). 

We didn't start the game the best way, turning over the ball too many times and just playing like we were intimidated of them. The score at half time was 21-7. But after the break, our Mustangs got back on track, playing with a better intensity level but most of all, playing with confidence and as a team. Our lack of bench (only 7 players available) got us too tired to be able to come closer to ASP but the "fighting spirit" of our team was incredible. 

This was a fun game to coach, and it seems like it was also a fun game to watch. Talking about watching games, we will have the last game of our season this Saturday against the International School of Paris, at 12:00  at Marymount School, 72 Boulevard de la Saussaye, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine.

It will be really great to have people from our school coming to cheer their Basketball team.

Hope to see a lot of Ermitage students wearing green this Saturday...

Posted by in Basketball, Game summary on Friday March 6, 2015
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Ermitage Mustangs take home a win!

Ermitage Mustangs competed in the Round Square Basketball Tournament 2015 hosted by Herlufsholm School in Denmark. The team proudly represented Ermitage, taking home the following trophies:

2nd Place Overalll: Ermitage Boys Varsity!

Tournament MVP: Malo, FND5, Japanese/French

Best Sportsmanship: Ayila, FND3, Canadian

Most intense player: Anna, IB1, Russian

Come cheer them on at their upcoming ISP and ASP games in Paris during the month of March.

Check the team out below!

Posted by katie in Basketball, Meet the Mustangs, Game summary on Sunday March 1, 2015
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We would like to invite you to Ermitage Boys and Girls Basketball Tryouts.

The tryouts will take place at the Ermitage gym (GRETRY), September 13th and 20th:

-Fnd 5's, IB's and Lycee students from 13:00 to 14:15

-Fnd 1's to 4's, and college students from 14:15 to 15:30

If you like Basketball, and you want to be part of the 2014-2015 teams, come showcase your talents to the Mustangs coaching staff!!!

The teams will be practicing every Saturday and will be playing in some friendly games and also some Basketball tournaments during the season (Denmark international basket tournament in Herlufsholm).

Nous vous invitons à venir faire les essais pour rejoindre les différentes équipes de Basketball de l'Ermitage.

Ceux-ci se tiendront au gymnase de l'Ermitage (Grétry), le 13 et le 20 Septembre:

-Fnd 5's, IB's et lycéens de 13h00 à 14h15

-Fnd 1's to 4's, et collégiens 14h15 à 15h30

Si vous aimez le Basket, et que souhaitez faire parti de nos équipes pour la saison 2014-2015, venez montrer votre talent!!!

Les équipes s’entraîneront le samedi et joueront des matchs amicaux ainsi que des tournois pendant la saison (Tournoi international à Herlufsholm, Danemark)


Posted by in Basketball on Monday September 8, 2014
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Hi, can you explain us what is your sport about?

First of all, hello my names is Philippine and i run cross-country and track and field. This sport is all about running with a goal, and working with your teammates.

How and when did you begin it?

I began running competitavely in 7th grade when i move to Lexington, Kentucky in the U.S.

How often do you practice?

I ususally practice 4 times a week and plus a competition on either saturday or sunday.

Do you have a special motivation technique for practice?

Honestly i think running is the best way to stay in shape. My motivation for running at practices is extremely mental. I tell myself that if I practice well i'll get better scores, and these scores coaches can you look at them and see if i am able to run for college and get a scholarship.

What do you like the most about your sport?

As we all know, running is extremely fun and simple, but i've learned how to love running by doing competition. It's a great feeling when you accomplish a race;

What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future is to be able to get a scholarship in the U.S with my running abilities.

Are you playing any other  sport?

Well, in the U.S i used to play basketball and soccer as well. I managed to do to cross-country and socccer season together. Moreover, i managed to do Basketball ans Track and field during the same season. I had to make a choice, and i picked running.

Are you actually rank? If yes, what is your actual rank?

Last year, Sophmore year, i was in Kentucky and i was 7th in the state. This year, in France, i was able to go to the France's championships and i got 49th in the Cadettes category.

What is the biggest competition you've been a part of so far?

My biggest competition was surely the Footlocker race in North Carolina.

Do you think sport is actually helping you with your study and the way you approach school? If yes how? (competition, sport education, leadership...)

Yes, sport is helping me getting a scholarship for college.On the other hand, sports takes up a lot of your time during the week, which was a bit of a struggle for me to get my homework done on time. Doing a sport is surely helping you with a lot of things. It also helps you become a more patient and independent person, and someone that can work collectivaly and who cares about others, such as your teammates for example.

Posted by in Meet the Mustangs on Friday April 4, 2014
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Hi, can you let us know what is Basketball for you?

Personally, basketball is a sport that teaches me how to keep your head cool while giving your it your all physically. It also enables me to build a friendly connection with the people I play with and against.

How and when did you start to play?

I've been doning little things with my dad for a while, but i've never really gotten into it until  late 2013, where i entered a club of players who had much more experience than I did.

How often do you actually practice?

I have been practicing three to four times a week.

Who is your favorite Basketball player?

I can't call him a favorite, but I do admire Scottie Pippin for his defensive skills and prowess.

What do you like the most about your sport?

I like the way in which you could enjoy learning and improving with supportive teammates.

What are your Basketball goals for the future?

I want be good enough, if not better, to get a scholarship.

Are you playing any other sport?

Not exactly, no.

What is the highest competition level you’ve been a part of so far?

The highest competition level i've been is in the regional level, 2nd division.

How important do you think sport is in life?

I think that sport enables one to gain mastery over body and mind. I see it as being as beneficial and academic studies.

Do you think sport can help a student to be better at school?

It can, but only if that person finds a god balance between the two. Or else, one will hinder to the other.


Posted by in Meet the Mustangs on Tuesday April 1, 2014
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