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Bal de Noël December 2017

Supporting our two charities, the students were asked to don their best outfits and dance the night away to celebrate the end of the year. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and only smiles could be seen all night. A lovely way to end 2017.
Posted by tambridge on Sunday February 11 at 15:41
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Theatre trip to the Isle of Wight

Nearly half of our Sixième students had the pleasure of embarking on a drama trip to the Isle of Wight.

After an early departure on Sunday 21st of January, and a long but interesting journey including coach, shuttle and ferry, our group arrived at the hotel where a warm welcome awaited them. The first morning, after a nice stroll on the sunny beach, our students headed to their first rehearsal during which they were introduced to the tunes that they will never forget!

Following a week of intensive preparation, coached by an amazing team, and despite some inevitable stress, our students performed at Shanklin Theatre with a lot of professionalism and offered the audience a quality show. The last afternoon was dedicated to a visit to Newport, and to getting ready for the farewell party, and the closure of an unforgettable experience.
Posted by tambridge on Saturday February 10
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Les étudiants de Passport divertissent les retraités!

Certains élèves du groupe Passport du collège se sont réunis pour décorer le sapin de Noël du collège et se sont également rendus à la maison de retraite du Belvédère pour participer aux activités "Jeux de Société". Au menu, Billard Japonais, Scrabble, Dames et Bingo.
Un bon moment de détente et d'échange entre génération.
"Un geste, un regard, un sourire sont trois petits riens qui font du bien" :)
Posted by tambridge on Thursday December 14, 2017
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Posted by tambridge on Wednesday November 1, 2017
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Nettoyons la Nature 2017

Le vendredi 22 septembre, 22 élèves du groupe Passeport , ont participé à l'action "Nettoyons la nature" dans la foret de Maisons-Laffitte. Cette opération consiste a récolter les déchets qui entourent notre environnement proche. Un moment très agréable et une action concrète pour la protection de notre environnement.

Merci à tous nos élèves pour leur participation.


Posted by tambridge on Monday October 9, 2017
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6eme Integration Day at Adventure Land

On Friday 1st September, our 6eme pupils left for a day of integration in Aventure Land. During the tree-climbing day, the students showed courage and mutual cooperation in overcoming the climbing courses, and in facing the formidable zip wire!

The day went very well and the students really enjoyed themselves. A great experience for all of them.


Posted by tambridge on Monday October 9, 2017
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Sponsored Run for Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque and ICU2

La petite Aliane est arrivée mercredi 3 Mai du Burundi. Ces derniers jours ont été un peu difficile, un problème de diagnostic opératoire Aliane n'aurait pas un Fallot mais une atrésie pulmonaire, ce qui est un peu plus compliqué. Mais Docteur Lecas nous a rassuré car depuis vingt ans qu'elle a créé Mécénat chirurgie cardiaque elle a vu de nombreux enfants malades. On va faire des examens complémentaires, scanner, cathéter, et après on verra.....

Aujourd’hui à l'école Ermitage de Maisons Laffitte, il y a eu une course de sponsorisée avec pour objectif de récolter des fonds pour une future opération cardiaque organisée par Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. Aliane y est allée.


An account of the morning by 5eme Sasha K:

The sponsored run was an uplifting event, simply by running, we were saving a little child’s heart. Luckily for us, it was not raining but on the contrary, the sun was shining. After having assembled all the classes, we set off for the stadium where we all found a position to sit in while waiting for the classes to run. 

Up first where the 4eme who ran the most laps and therefore probably collecting the most money. Next were the Foundation classes, they all ran as well; there was even a girl in a wheelchair and she still participated in the run, which truly showed everybody’s resolve. Soon afterwards were the 5eme, we all ran and did our best to raise money, some, even gaining much more money than they expected to. A friend was expecting to collect 50€, but instead raised100€. Finally, were the 6eme who all did their best. Albeit most of them hadn’t realised that if you start off at a sprint or a run, you would quickly tire and be no longer able to run as fast! After everyone had ran, we all took pictures with our groups. Afterwards, school continued normally and we were all proud to have contributed to saving a child.


Posted by tambridge on Sunday May 21, 2017
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Isle of Wight trip for 6eme and 5eme.

Seven o’clock on an icy Sunday morning we all arrived excitedly at school to find the coach waiting to take us on our theatrical adventure to the Isle of Wight. Without delay we packed the coach, said our goodbyes and headed off for the Channel Tunnel. The journey passed quickly through the tunnel and the ferry terminal, after a smooth ferry crossing we arrived on the island. The coach driver, having visited the Isle of Wight many times before pointed out some of the areas of interest along our quick shuttle to our Hotel and before we knew it we could once again see the sea and our hotel very close by.

 Once the rooms had been delegated, eager to see our new surroundings, we headed for the beach en mass. The darkness did not hinder our spirits and shoes and socks were quickly removed as many brave students paddled in the sea. After an hour we headed back for dinner and savoured the delights of the Isle of Wight. We quickly realised that we would not be hungry with giant sized portions of fish and chips, jam roly poly or apple pie and custard.

Waking up on the first day to thick fog meant that our walk along the beachfront to the converted church for our first session was cold and wet. However the anticipation of the events to come kept our spirits high and we were on top form for our theatrical warm up sessions.  With a busy schedule to follow we had learnt two of the songs on the first day - it was great fun! The team was so professional in their approach and made us all feel welcome and at ease making it easier for us to pick up the moves and the words for the songs.

From that initial day we progressed very quickly with the story of the 'Baker Street Irregulars'. The team watched and assessed our progress and then assigned us our roles in the play, looking closely at our personalities and character in relation to the characters in the story. Everyone was involved. It was amazing!

By Thursday we were ready for a rehearsal on the stage, upon which we would perform the following day. It all seemed simple at the beginning of the week but now we needed to make sure we were in the right place on the stage, looking at the audience and remembering our lines (not as easy as you might think) We rose to the challenge!

Friday came around very quickly and after giving out flyers to the local residents inviting them to come and watch our play, it was time for our final performance, the day we had been working towards all week… Costumes on, make up and hair in place we were ready and waiting nervously in the dressing rooms.  An audience had gathered in the theatre and it was time…

It was all over so quickly. The performance was fantastic the songs had everyone moving in their seats and the round of applause as we took our final bow made it all worthwhile. Our week of theatre had been an overwhelming success and such fun and excitement spending that time with our friends. An unforgettable experience for all.


Posted by tambridge on Monday April 10, 2017
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Posted by tambridge on Saturday April 1, 2017 at 11:35
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Lesigny PGL trip for the 5eme's

"First come first served!" said Mrs. Ambridge, our English teacher.  I was so motivated to go to Lesigny that I was one of the first students to hand in the cheque and the completed forms. The hardest part was done; my place was secured. It was going to be my very first trip with L'Ermitage. I felt extremely privileged and  excited about it. 

On the bus, on our way to Lesigny, I was so overjoyed that my imagination was running riot. I could not  wait anymore...

When we arrived in Lesigny, we were warmly welcomed by our hosts, all dressed in blue. The park was huge and  quite impressive, ideal for energetic and active teenagers like us! 

In our free time, we played basketball, football, handball and had other fun activities such as archery, abseiling, rock climbing, tennis and ping-pong. 

A few months before  the trip, each student from l'Ermitage going to Lesigny, received the contact details of a student from Ringwood school (England). Emails were exchanged between the students of both schools. It was amusing  to meet my pen friend face to face, at long last. 

No need to say that I made new friends there; the Ringwood students were all nice and friendly. 

We even visited the local market and Carrefour with them!

Lesigny was and will always be a fun experience, a place where action and multi-activity adventures are on top of the list. 

Last but not least, I would like to express a huge thank you all the teachers who organised everything, accompanied us in this amazing trip and who made this weekend come true.

                                                                                Kindly written by Julien in 5eme


Posted by tambridge on Saturday April 1, 2017 at 11:18
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