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ICU2 2013: reflecting on special moments of the camp

In the morning team A revisited the eye clinic and the school where we were yet again warmly welcomed. After a spicy potato lunch we were gifted with a henna session from the students. Everyone got involved even the boys! 
As the camp was very busy and chaotic we joined the others in the after noon. This increased the speed of the whole camp and permitted new records to be set and a high level to beat for our final day.      

Our evening was spent reflecting on what we have achieved, what we want to achieve for our final day and what we have learnt. Ben gave a very inspirational speech which really made us realise how lucky we are and that we should not take everything for granted. We thought about leaders that we would like to aspire to and many mentioned political leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Obama or sports men such as Zidane and Messi. For our final day we would have to follow the mentality of our idols to be able to lead and achieve great success.  

Everyone was buzzing and full of stamina for our last day at the eye camp, ready to make the most of this once in a lifetime experience. The crowds were the biggest they have ever been therefore we all upped our game totally determined to reach the two thousand. Every day at the camp we have set new records and our final score was over six thousand registrations and three hundred cataracts. The standard for next year is set very high and will be very tough to beat. 

Each individual has had a very touching personal moment whilst working at the camp. When Vinciane was screening an old man she got very emotional due to his frail appearance which reminded her of her grandma. It brought back all the pain her family and her endured, all the sad memories but also the happy ones passed together. Whilst Olivia was working at the glasses stand she handed a man a pair and he got down on his knees and started kissing her feet. This sign of worship highlights the significance a pair of glasses means to these people who all their lives have endured hardship after hardship. One accessory is a symbol of hope and glory that gives access to a more civilised life. 

There are so many experiences from our first week in India that we will be able to cherish for the rest of our lives. Everyone feels these four days spent at the camp are days of our lives that have truly been well spent.

Issy R.
Round Square Reporter
Posted by katie in ICU2 India on Friday March, 8, 2013 at 12:00


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