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Ermitage Student Ambassadors at RSIC 2016 Louisenlund!

Following the week long Pre-Conference in Paris hosted by Ermitage, a delegation of Ermitage Upper School students represented our school at the Round Square International Conference 2017 Louisenlund. The Ermitage delegation included: Lena D (IB2), Sarah B, Hayden P and Raphael A (IB1). 

Based on the theme "The Journey That Makes Us," delegates connected with over 600 students and adults representing over 80 schools around the world. Students enjoyed a range of engaging keynote presentations followed by in-depth discussions and debates with their international counterparts. Students also spent a day in the community working on service projects as well as an adventure outing where they sailed on the Baltic sea. 

Being an Ermitage ambassador at a RSIC is a wonderful achievement, where students are able to enhance their global perspectives, while expanding their networks as well. Bravo to all who participated!
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Ermitage hosts RS Pre-Conference!

Ermitage hosted a week long Pre-Conference in Paris in advance of the Round Square International Conference 2016 being held at Stiftung Louisenlund, Germany and Aiglon College, Switzerland. Ermitage welcomed over 40 students and staff from Round Square partner schools including Bayview Glenn (CAN), Billhook College (AUS), Scindia (IND), the Punjab Public School (IND), the Doon School (IND) and Saint Andrew's School (USA).

The week included an enriching discovery of Paris and northern France. Highlights of the experience included visits to the Louvre, Notre Dame and Montmartre, just to name a few, with an exciting celebration on the final evening where the group enjoyed dinner atop the Eiffel Tower and a dance party bus tour around the city of lights! For a little rest and relaxation, the group concluded their week with a 2-day cultural excursion and invigorating 70 kilometers bike tour of Normandy.

What a trip - more photos en route!




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Student Reflection from RSIC 2016 Keynote

On the third day of the Germany conference, we attended the speech of Professor Manfred Spitzer, who studied medicine, philosophy, and psychology at the University of Freiburg in Southern Germany. In Harvard university, he accomplished three research fellowships in Neurobiology, Psychology, and Psychiatry. He is a regarded speaker in both German and English, as well as being vastly published for his works in psychiatry, learning, and neuroscience.

He began his speech by showing us an image, representing the same neuron of a dog over a period of time, in three pictures. He asked us what we saw. I was not sure what he meant, because I had perhaps seen this once or twice in my life, however he then added red and blue arrows to the image, showing changes in the neuron. He explained to us that the red arrows represented the synapses that were gone, while the blue ones pointed the new ones, also referred to as connections. In consequence, he said that if the existing connections were not used, and trained, they would disappear. From what I understood, an example which would fit this case, is the learning of a new language, because as you learn, new connections form in the neurons.

“You don’t have a brain, you are your brain,” is what Professor Spitzer explained when speaking about it. He further explained himself, by saying that you can get transplant of a heart, kidney, or even a liver, and it won’t change you. You will have another person’s organ functioning in your body, however your self will not be changed. However, the brain is everything that makes you, and so that it why he considers it as a person being its own brain. He explained that the way the brain learns the most, is by itself, for instance when a baby learns to walk, or speak. The major things you know have been self-taught. In addition, he added that the brain learns best at an early age, due to the fact that it is extremely fast at the youngest ages. He explained that the brain was so efficient at the early age, that it could rewire itself to adapt. He talked about the case study of a young girl, who had half of her brain removed. Her brain rewired itself, and adapted to the case, and she did not even see the difference. Although her language sensor was gone, she could speak two languages fluently. The speaker said that the myth of having a brain without space for more storage anymore was nonsense. When speaking of the brain adapting, he said that if a young child were to have eye sight problems, the parents should patch his weak eye an hour a day until age five, to ensure that the brain uses the eye, and does not ignore it.  He accentuated the fact that the more you learn, the more you will be able to learn. However, he did say that if you do not learn much by the age of 25, such as a second language, you are more likely to fall in dementia.

He spoke a lot about stress and the causes of it. He defined stress as being a subjective feeling which you cannot do anything about, because of total lack of control. Not knowing what stresses you, is the very source of that stress. When “multitasking,” which is actually impossible, you become less effective and so your stress level rises. True multitasking would be the action of “following two strings of information” at once. For instance, listening to two people speaking, reading two books, or watching two films. The speaker said that “company buffers stress,” and so being with family, friends or other people can reduce it. Stress can be accentuated with loneliness. In fact, the greatest killer, is loneliness. 

He explained that as humans, we were meant to live together, in company, which explains why being alone is a cause of stress. There are colors associated with stress, and also with creativity. Red is associated with anxiousness, and blue or green is associated with creativity. When anxious, you are more attentive to small details, you pay more attention. Which makes sense because stress is like a button, as explained by the professor, which maxes out energy, cardio, and brain. While it decreases digestion, growth, immune defense, and reproduction. In fact, he said that every time he takes the plan, he wishes the pilot is in depression and has anxiety, as he will be more likely to be careful with small details. On the other hand, a study was made which was meant to see the effect of nature on creativity. The outcome of it, was that people who had been walking in nature, were much more creative than those who had walked indoors. In fact, nature decreases stress levels. 

The doctor spoke of the effect of technology on the learning outcome for students. The more sophisticated a textbook is, the less likely the student is to remember the content. He explained that the use of technology in class considerably decreased the effectiveness and success of students. In addition, he mentioned that typing your notes, was not as well remembered by the brain as hand writing it. Making the physical effort to write, helps the brain learn better.

In summary, the speech was about the learning process of the brain, the outcomes of stress with the way to reduce it, and the effect of technology on learning. When talking with many people during the conference, they said they had not enjoyed it much, however, I thought it was such an amazing talk, which taught me so much in such little amount of time. It truly made me think about it, and I now feel more aware and keen about psychology.

Raphael A, IB1

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Round Square International Conference 2015 in Singapore!

A delegation of students participated in the Round Square International Conference 2015 hosted by United World College Singapore. Our school was proudly represented by the following students: Margot FND5, Cedric FND5 , Ajoa IB1 and Daphné 2nde. Under the theme Act Now-Change Tomorrow, over 1000 student delegates from around 150 schools from all continents converged to display their talents and creativity. Students were pushed out of their comfort zones, made new connections, discussed current issues, collaborated, visited interesting cultural sites and enjoyed the many tastes of Singapore. Welcome back travelers!
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Cobham Hall Young Round Square Conference 2015

Ermitage was proud to have FND3 students Quentin B & Ayila H represent our school as ambassadors at the Cobham Hall Young Round Square Conference from January 23 - 25, 2015. 


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Video released from 2014 Jordan conference!

A delegation of students participated in the King's Academy Round Square International Conference 2014 in Jordan. Learn about their experience here!

Snapshot from Jordan

Video coming soon!

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Round Square Trip Opportunities 2014-15

The October 6th International Studies Program Assembly was dedicated to current Round Square travel opportunities. Ermitage’s membership in Round Square gives our students a unique opportunity to travel and interact with students from other schools throughout the world. Participation in a Round Square Travel Opportunity will not exempt students from participation in the mandatory school trips for Foundation and IB Programs.

You will find below information concerning trips proposed this year. Other opportunities may become available, as our RS partner schools propose new conferences or exchanges throughout the school year.  

Please note the following:

  • Participation in RS trips is encouraged, but not mandatory
  • Trips are age-appropriate, as indicated
  • Trips may be offered to both the International Programs & French collège/lycée
  • Trips may have a min. or max # of participants
  • Travel dates are subject to change

Specific details and sign-up info for the following RS Trip Opps will be distributed as they become available:

  1. Cobham Hall (UK) Conference, FND3-4 (13-14 years old)  23 - 25 January 2015. Theme Environment: Planting the Roots of our Future.
  1. Herlufsholm School (Denmark): Basketball Tournament 30 January - 2 February 2015

  2.  ICU2 Eye Camps in India, FND4-IB2: February 2015 Break, followed by student exchange.

  3. El Araki, Morocco: Model UN 2nd Edition: 20 - 22 February 2015. Reserved for IB students participating in Model UN.

  4. Young Explorers Costa Rica, FND1-4: 16 - 26 February 2015

  5. El Araki International Festival of Theater, Morocco 2nd Edition: 3-5 April 2015.

  6. Felsted, Essex, UK: Model UN Conference, IB MUN Students. 1 - 2 March 2015. 

  7. Language Immersion & Cultural Trip to China, FND4-IB2: April 2015 Break

  8. Transylvania College, Romania, FND1-3, 28 May - 1 June 2015 – Young RS European Regional Conference 2015

  9. Samworth Church, , FND1-3 (12-13 years old), 12-14 June 2015 – Theme Eco Adventure

"In addition to these school-run projects, Round Square itself organises International Service (RSIS) Projects for students from its member schools. These bring together young people from all over the world to work as a truly international team providing much-needed assistance to disadvantaged communities." RSIS trips are offered all around the world at various points throughout the year and typically last 3-weeks.

Round Square Conference Jordan 2014

A delegation of students has been in Jordan this week participating in the International Round Square Conference hosted by King's Academy. The trip was led by Ben Hunter, IB Coordinator & Round Square Rep and included the following delegates: Mae E (IB2), Oliver V (IB1), Eloise R (IB1), William A (IB1) and Thibaud K (IB1). The team's experiences have ranged from visiting the desert on camelback and doing yoga on mountaintops during the adventure-themed pre-conference, to connecting with students from around the world, debating important world issues, engaging in service projects and participating in cultural events during the peace-themed conference @ King's. Students will be sharing their experience through presentations and a video upon their return. 


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International Conference 2014 @ King's Academy in Jordan

Coming up this fall, the annual Round Square International Conference 2014 will be taking place at the King’s Academy from 7th to 13th October 2014 the theme is “Al Salamu Alaikum” or “Peace Be With You”. The conference logo is the olive tree, a symbol of peace in the region, and the conference aims to celebrate differences and encourage its young delegates to grow stronger through appreciating and applying their collective wisdom. Ben Hunter, Round Square Rep, will be accompanying the following students: Mae E (IB2), William TA (IB1), Oliver V (IB1), Thibaud K (IB1) and Eloise R (IB1).

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