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Round Square Trip Opportunities 2014-15

The October 6th International Studies Program Assembly was dedicated to current Round Square travel opportunities. Ermitage’s membership in Round Square gives our students a unique opportunity to travel and interact with students from other schools throughout the world. Participation in a Round Square Travel Opportunity will not exempt students from participation in the mandatory school trips for Foundation and IB Programs.

You will find below information concerning trips proposed this year. Other opportunities may become available, as our RS partner schools propose new conferences or exchanges throughout the school year.  

Please note the following:

  • Participation in RS trips is encouraged, but not mandatory
  • Trips are age-appropriate, as indicated
  • Trips may be offered to both the International Programs & French collège/lycée
  • Trips may have a min. or max # of participants
  • Travel dates are subject to change

Specific details and sign-up info for the following RS Trip Opps will be distributed as they become available:

  1. Cobham Hall (UK) Conference, FND3-4 (13-14 years old)  23 - 25 January 2015. Theme Environment: Planting the Roots of our Future.
  1. Herlufsholm School (Denmark): Basketball Tournament 30 January - 2 February 2015

  2.  ICU2 Eye Camps in India, FND4-IB2: February 2015 Break, followed by student exchange.

  3. El Araki, Morocco: Model UN 2nd Edition: 20 - 22 February 2015. Reserved for IB students participating in Model UN.

  4. Young Explorers Costa Rica, FND1-4: 16 - 26 February 2015

  5. El Araki International Festival of Theater, Morocco 2nd Edition: 3-5 April 2015.

  6. Felsted, Essex, UK: Model UN Conference, IB MUN Students. 1 - 2 March 2015. 

  7. Language Immersion & Cultural Trip to China, FND4-IB2: April 2015 Break

  8. Transylvania College, Romania, FND1-3, 28 May - 1 June 2015 – Young RS European Regional Conference 2015

  9. Samworth Church, , FND1-3 (12-13 years old), 12-14 June 2015 – Theme Eco Adventure

"In addition to these school-run projects, Round Square itself organises International Service (RSIS) Projects for students from its member schools. These bring together young people from all over the world to work as a truly international team providing much-needed assistance to disadvantaged communities." RSIS trips are offered all around the world at various points throughout the year and typically last 3-weeks.

RS September Newsletter

Ermitage students were featured for their partnership with the ICU2 India and El Araki Morocco humanitarian projects as well as the Herlufsholm Denmark group exchange.

RS March Newsletter

Please click the below image for the latest newsletters for Round Square News!

RS December Newsletter

Please click the below image for the latest newsletters for Round Square News and RSIS Update (Round Square International Service Projects). As you will see it  has been a busy few months! 

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What's an RSIS Project?

RSIS stands for "Round Square International Service," where students from Round Square schools around the world join together to create an international team. Projects are held all around the world, ranging from India to Canada, South Africa to Peru, and are held during winter and summer vacation periods. Learn more about the July 2013 RSIS projects below and contact if you'd like to consider an RSIS trip in the future!
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RS newsletter

Please click the below image for the latest newsletters for Round Square News and RSIS Update (Round Square International Service Projects). As you will see it  has been a busy few months! 


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RSIS Peru July 2013

2nde student Rudy R ventured to Peru this summer as part of an Round Square International Service (RSIS) Project, bringing students together from other schools around the world to make a difference in this community in need. Check out some project photos here!


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Seb 's RSIS Project in Peru 2012:

During my mid-I.B. summer I traveled to Peru in an R.S.I.S. project (Round Square International Service). This project began on the 16th of July when I left from Paris for Lima on a 19-hour journey, passing through Sao Paolo in Brazil. Upon my arrival in Lima I met the group leader Kate Gibson and other members of the group most of which were students from around the world. The group and I spent the first two days visiting Lima and painting the wall of a preschool to make the children’s life a little brighter with colorful paintings of animals and football. By the end of our second day the group had all its members and we were leaving for Cuzco by plane, where we regrouped for our visit to a llama farm and a traditional market in Pizac. Our group stayed in the Cuzco region for several days while we acclimated to the altitude and the surroundings, which to most of us were new, while we became accustomed to these new surrounding we participated in activities such as learning about the cultural of the Inca and how to play the Pan Flute, we also climbed the rock face of a mountain with metal ladder like studs.

At the end of our first week in Peru we traveled far into the mountains into a town called Quishyrani at an astounding 4200 meters in altitude, this is where our service would begin. We were briefed the night before about our objective, which was to build a green house next to a school for the children of the town. They needed this green house because as my fellow students and I noted the children were terribly underfed, this green house would allow the children to eat more balanced dishes because of the vegetables that would come from this green house. Our days were filled with hard labor of lifting large stones, digging trenches, carrying and peeling the bark from tree trunks, mixing mud and building a wall. Though our days were filled with hard work our nights filled the valley with sounds of laughter from our dinning hall, where we distracted each other and eased the sores of work with card games, magic tricks, stories of back home and warm food. After our first half of the service work in Quishyrani we left the frame of the green house unfinished though it would be quick work when we returned from the mid project break. The mid project break was spent in Aguas Calientes the town at the base of Machu Picchu, this was an amazing experience, though the town of Machu Picchu itself was not impressive from within its walls from above at the top of Huayna Picchu or from far at the Sun Gate there was no doubt in my mind about its position in the wonders of the world.

Upon our return to Quishyrani our work began almost immediately the morning of our arrival, though some changes had been made such as the separation of the group, some students like 8 others and myself were selected as the team to finish the last touches of the green house, we called ourselves the elite in the jokes we told to the rest of the group. The last days in Quishyrani were spent building mini green houses for those villager’s families that had helped us, one of the most memorable experiences I had was sharing a meal with one of these under privileged families, a moving experience because they shared what little food they had with me. The project came to its sad conclusion in Cuzco, which in my opinion was the climax of the project sharing my last couple days with international students who had became my closest friends. We explored and experienced the culture of Peru first hand.

Sebastien H, IB2

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