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Annual Denmark Exchange

We were happy to continue our annual group exchange with the Herlufsholm Skole Denmark. Ermitage students visited Herlufsholm in spring 2015 and have now hosted their Danish friends for a 3 day exploration of Paris and Maisons-Laffitte this fall, including cultural visits, favorite French foods, and even sitting in on some of our classes. Looking forward to the next exchange!
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Posted by katie in Exchanges on Thursday October 1, 2015
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France-Japan Round Square Exchange

"There is one thing that I love doing, and that’s going on trips. When it was clear that I had this chance I went for it. The moment I realized I was going to Japan was when I was walking into the plane, a huge grin on my face, nothing can compare with this moment of bliss, mixed with nervous anxiety. That’s the thing when you go to a complete different country, where you know no one, you don’t understand the language and traditions. You feel like a baby, that needs to be reassured, cradled, but you also have this furious thirst for adventure, knowledge, this desire to pushes your limits.

Japan has taught me oh so many things: to be humble, respectful and selfless. The more I see, the more I discover, the more you realise, you are part of a whole, and it will keep getting bigger and bigger. The more people you meet, the more you learn, the smaller, more insignificant you become and the less you realise you actually know. For me those are the basics of going on an adventure: losing yourself in others. If there is one thing that I must choose to represent Japan in its whole, with all its complexity it would be without doubt the people I met during my stay. Each and every one of them is, to me, what made this trip truly exceptional. Each and every person that you will meet will be unique, and you should treasure those precious moments.

I already went on several exchanges before, in the USA, in, India, but it was always with other students. Organising my own trip and going on my own, truly gave me a sense of independence. Representing my school for the first time, in this unknown school was such an exceptional experience. I can’t be grateful enough to the people that helped me before and during my stay. I had to resume what this country and its people gave me I would compare it to meeting a 35 year old adult with two very different personalities. One side of him is passionate, innovative, hard-working and excels in everything he does. The other is calm, conservative, well-assured and stubborn. When going to Japan I was faced with the two sides of his persona, both striking and inspiring they have left in me a powerful desire to aspire for great things, and to do so with confidence in who I am and what I am capable of doing. If there was one thing that I want to say to anyone that wants to go on an exchange, at the other end of the world, next door, for a week, or months: just go for it, go share your awesomeness!"

Alexia K

French, 1ère

Posted by katie in Exchanges, Cultural Trips on Wednesday September 16, 2015
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