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Costa Rica Service & Adventure Trip!

Costa Rican Food

The Costa Rican main dish is rice and beans and its served for all 3 meals during the day. For breakfast they will have “gallo pinto” which is rice and beans mixed in together sometimes adding bell pepper and onion, for lunch they have “casado” it is also rice and beans but this time they’re not mixed but next to each other and meat is added to the dish and they also have it for dinner. Also you can find lots of fresh tropical fruit such as guavas, coco nuts, passion fruit, pineapple, melon and many others. 

Service that we did in Costa Rica

One of the main and hardest tasks that we did was paint fences in a local schools, and trust me its easier said than done. We spent several hours throughout the week painting fences so they didn’t get rusty along with some local students that did it so they could go into high school, it was a really tiring job just standing up for hours in the sun and painting but after all it was a good thing to help the local community and turned out quite fun (I still can’t wash out the green paint from my hair) . When we got to Samara (the beach) we got to transform plastic buckets into trash cans that we later installed at the beach, by rinsing them out and then painting designs on to them, it was really fun! They were later put out at the beach so people  had a place to put their trash instead of damaging nature.

Anna S, Foundation 2


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RS June Newsletter 2014

Ermitage featured in the RS News June edition!


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