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Camp Discovery in South Africa - Student's Reflections!

This great trip to South Africa has taught me that even tough the apartheid is officially over, I have still seen way more white people than black people. I have also learnt that over there, Nelson Mandela is a real hero and everybody knows a lot a bout him. For example even the children all knew what his cell number what year he was freed or where he lived. Obviously, going to the few museums we went to taught me a lot about the South African history, which I did not know anything about. I think the most important thing I learnt is that internationalism is extremely important because once you’ve made friends all around, the world, first you learn a lot about all the different cultures, but more than that you get to travel everywhere in the world, being able to visit them.

The theme of the conference being endangered species, we have had various speeches about how it is important to do something to help them (especially rhinos) but what I remember the most is this quote from Mother Teresa : “Sometimes it feels like what you are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But if that drop was not in the ocean, the ocean would be less. » After this trip, I definitely feel more concerned about this cause.

When I was at the pre-conference and at the conference, I realised that people were very welcoming, even the ones from other countries than South Africa. I really did not expect people that had came in groups from their country to be that much open to making ne friends. The same thing works for people from Dainfern, especially my family, who I thought was always making sure we had everything we needed. I thought it was very nice that the facilitators and Group Leaders were about our age, because it made the relations easier. 

Andréa S, Foundation 3


I really enjoyed the conference in South Africa because it was a unique learning experience, and a trip like which I’ve never been on before. It was really cool to meet students just like us from all over the world, and to learn things about saving the world and endangered animal species and how we can all help out in our little ways. The pre-conference was very different to the conference itself because during the pre-conference we got to stay with host families and live in a very luxurious estate where there were a lot of malls and cafe’s and etc, but during the conference we moved to a huge camp called “Camp Discovery” which was in an area surrounded by wildlife resorts and forests. My favorite part of the trip was getting to meet new people and traveling to a country where I had never been before and my most memorable parts were when we went to “Golden Reef” a theme park, and while we were at Discovery Camp and we had the Round Square Olympics where we won 3rd place for volleyball.

Anna S, Foundation 2


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Ighalen Service Project in Morocco

The Ighalen Service Project in Morocco was founded by IB students as a CAS initiative in 2012. Since then students continue to develop the partnership between Ermitage and Elaraki School of Marrakech to find new ways of supporting the Ighalen community in the Atlas Mountains.

The objective of the first trip was to develop a safe playground area for the school children of Ighalen, whose school is located on a steep cliff. Students did so by constructing a safe playground. The project scope has since expanded to now help improve accessibility to the school, for students who walk for hours on difficult paths each morning and evening.

The Ermitage-Elaraki partnership is proud to have accomplished a second successful project and will be sharing their experiences here shortly!



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Camp Discovery in South Africa!

Young adventurers are currently off in South Africa at Camp Discovery! This adventure themed trip offers a wide range of experiences, and we just can't wait to hear about them! See a snippit from RS Caperone, Tania Ambridge, as she gives a taste of what the group has been up to. More details and photos to come!

Another couple of fun-packed days, yesterday we stroked a lion cub and saw some amazing animals including zebras, cheetahs, wild dogs, lions and giraffes. Fantastic. The kids loved it.

Last night the students all prepared their own 'potjie' which is a stew left over a barbecue for two hours. It was brilliant and the different dishes tasted lovely; no excuses for not helping out at home now!!

Today we had a very busy day - we went up on a cable car for some great views, followed by shopping in an African souk (which was interesting!!) and then on to an interactive museum about the origin of man.

The kids are pretty tired but still very happy and have made some good friends. Tomorrow is a slightly more relaxed day, so hopefully they will recharge their batteries before the Conference.

Mrs. Ambridge
Collège English Teacher
RS Chaperone

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