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Balzac Model United Nations Conference April 2013

The HDBMUN took place in the Conseil Régional d'île de France. This was the first MUN conference organized by the Lycée Honoré de Balzac as well as being the first multilingual conference ever.

The first morning on Wednesday, 10th of April, we had the opening ceremony which included guest speakers ranging from French politicians such as Jack Lang to Balzac's headmaster M. J-Luc Garcia. After they spoke we had the opportunity to ask them a few questions to which they would answer in front of everyone. After the opening ceremony, we jumped right into our committees. The first day we were only able to spend 3 hours in our committees and ultimately had to get to a resolution written as quickly as possible. The second day we had only 5 hours of debate time before having to deal with the 'crisis', a unique part of all Model UN conferences.

The crisis that we were faced with at HDBMUN was that North Korea had launched a missile armed with a nuclear warhead headed straight for Washington D.C. We were all gathered in the Conseil Régional d'île de France to initiate the best course of action possible. The debate included lively disputes between several countries concerning what was the best course of action.. After having solved the crisis there was a closing ceremony which involved other guest speakers as well as the students who organized the conference.

After the conference, we had a couple of hours free to go home and change before going back out to a student-organized party at a Parisian bar.

What really struck me at HDBMUN was the student involvement throughout the entire conference. An enormous body of students from Balzac gathered for this event, ranging from the 11 year old kids in the opening ceremony to the 12th graders who chaired the debates. The multilingual students from Balzac were interpreters for us during the entire conference and the most impressive thing at HDBMUN was that we were able to hold debates in Arabic, Spanish, English AND French!

Posted by katie in Democracy, MUN on Thursday May 9, 2013
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