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Student Performances @ RS Americas Conference

The evening activity was great. It was an open performance stage type of thing. Anyone could come out and perform it was kind of like a talent show. Me and a new friend of mine that I met at the conference came out and played a song by Bon Jovi. I was playing the guitar and he played the saxophone. This has increased my strength in playing guitar along with a saxophone player. I have undertaken a new challenge, I had to come out on stage and play in front of the whole conference, and because we weren't good, and it was our first time playing together, we kind of made a mess and fun out of ourselves. We planned this just shortly 20 minutes before the show started. This has required us to work collaboratively with each other and learn from each other’s mistakes. We were engaged and committed to this act. However, we did engage in issues of global importance. Because we played a song about freedom, this persuaded people to think about current world issues and reflect upon our actions. Because we were in an international environment, we considered the ethical implications of the song we chose. This has developed my skill to be able to play along with another person who is playing with me; it was especially challenging to play with the saxophone. Later on, we have divided ourselves up into small choir groups and Ben and I sang the Hallelujah song in front of the whole crowd. I found this whole day to be challenging and getting people to live outside of their comfort zones. Then we moved back to our tents and went to sleep in the rain dripping on top. 


Victor A, IB1

Round Square Reporter

Posted by katie in Conferences on Thursday May 30, 2013 at 12:46
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MUN Day at the RS Americas Conference

Later that morning we all woke up in the morning at around 6:30. Went to the RNS gymnasium for showers, and later had an amazing breakfast. That was the day when our MUN conference started. I was in the health committee representing the UK. This was my first MUN conference. It was a challenge and at first I was scared and not confident, did not know how it works and what happens. Then I realized that only two people out of the whole group did MUN before, so we were all beginners. First we were introduced to the MUN language; this increased my awareness and self strength / confidence. I was given a new challenge, to answer for a whole country and I undertook this challenge. This was a planned activity and we were warned about this conference in advance. I had some time to prepare in advance and do some background reading about the UK and it's health problems and policies. In order to come up with potential solutions to worldwide health issues, we had to work collaboratively and listen attentively to other country representatives. It was a long conference and with only two short breaks we had to stay concentrated for a long amount of time and show commitment to this event. We did engage with issues of global importance, because inside my committee a serious conflict was rising. Russia, France and UK have a good health system, but developing countries are struggling because they do not have doctors, all of their doctors leave to developed countries. We had to come up with solutions for everyone to be happy. I proposed creating a UN subcommittee that would take care of sending help, volunteers and doctors to underdeveloped countries. Through these solutions we have considered ethical implications, in order for every country that was being represented to be happy. I have definitely developed a new skill of debating and understood of how MUN works.


Victor A, IB1

Round Square Reporter

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USA Exchange 2013

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Adventure in Lesigny

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Balzac Model United Nations Conference April 2013

The HDBMUN took place in the Conseil Régional d'île de France. This was the first MUN conference organized by the Lycée Honoré de Balzac as well as being the first multilingual conference ever.

The first morning on Wednesday, 10th of April, we had the opening ceremony which included guest speakers ranging from French politicians such as Jack Lang to Balzac's headmaster M. J-Luc Garcia. After they spoke we had the opportunity to ask them a few questions to which they would answer in front of everyone. After the opening ceremony, we jumped right into our committees. The first day we were only able to spend 3 hours in our committees and ultimately had to get to a resolution written as quickly as possible. The second day we had only 5 hours of debate time before having to deal with the 'crisis', a unique part of all Model UN conferences.

The crisis that we were faced with at HDBMUN was that North Korea had launched a missile armed with a nuclear warhead headed straight for Washington D.C. We were all gathered in the Conseil Régional d'île de France to initiate the best course of action possible. The debate included lively disputes between several countries concerning what was the best course of action.. After having solved the crisis there was a closing ceremony which involved other guest speakers as well as the students who organized the conference.

After the conference, we had a couple of hours free to go home and change before going back out to a student-organized party at a Parisian bar.

What really struck me at HDBMUN was the student involvement throughout the entire conference. An enormous body of students from Balzac gathered for this event, ranging from the 11 year old kids in the opening ceremony to the 12th graders who chaired the debates. The multilingual students from Balzac were interpreters for us during the entire conference and the most impressive thing at HDBMUN was that we were able to hold debates in Arabic, Spanish, English AND French!

Posted by katie in Democracy, MUN on Thursday May 9, 2013
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