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Model UN 2014 with Balzac @ Conseil General de Paris

From the 17th to the 19th of March, a group of IB and OIB students from Ermitage attended the Honoré de Balzac MUN conference for its second edition, with students from other schools in the Paris region but also from the south of France and Morocco. The conference took place at the Conseil Régional d’Ile de France.


The first day started off with the opening ceremony, during which we heard interesting speeches from the Secretary General and the school’s headmaster, as well as Jean Audouze, president of the French national commission for UNESCO. On the second day we all filtered off into our separate committees, ranging from Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC) to the Security Council to the Special Conference. The 16 OIB and IB students from Ermitage were representing the countries of Germany, Chile and Lithuania. Over the course of the morning, the different committees worked hard at lobbying, to create the best possible resolutions that would later be debated. These resolutions made way for a fruitful and lively debate on subjects such as human cloning and cyber-terrorism, resulting in multiple clauses and resolutions being voted and passed over the two days of debating. It was at the end of the second day of debating that the committees went into plenary session and were faced with a crisis situation. During this crisis, delegates were given one hour to group together, form alliances and create clauses to deal with the problem at hand, in this case a made-up scenario in which Russia had invaded a country thus causing China to declare war. This challenge really brought out the best in all delegates, calling upon their leadership and teamwork skills in order to find a solution under pressure.

The conference then came to its end after the closing ceremony, all of us sad to be leaving such an enriching and enjoyable conference. It truly was a great experience, enabling us not to meet new people and make new friendships as well as strengthen the ones made last year, but also to come together and engage in enriching debates about subjects that we are faced with in our lives today. It also allowed us to enjoy wonderful lunches at the Unesco building in Paris. 

Madeline S.

Première OIB


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Lycée Voyage à Auschwitz

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Executive Director of Round Square meets with students

Ermitage had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Brian Dawson, Executive Director of Round Square, on the morning of Friday, March 14 2014.

The goal of Mr. Dawson was to connect individually with students, engaging in open discussions about the IDEALS of Round Square and the students’ personal achievements and ideas.

Mr. Dawson held a Placitum with students from the French Middle School and Foundation Year Program. Students between the ages of 11 - 14  took turns sharing their perspective on the Round Square “IDEALS” and how they are applied throughout student life.

Student presenters from the French Middle School included Basile Perrette, Candide Drouin, Anna Ligouri, Achille Rouot, Tej Bartissol, Cléa Dronne, Alice Gazet, Theo Julien, Fanny Corbet, Elisa Valentin, Emma Rossi and Luna Garnier, among others. These students spoke about how they apply the Round Square IDEALS throughout the Passport Program and were later recognized for their participation and awarded certificates.

Foundation Year Program students presented Mr. Dawson with a colorful plaque filled with student quotes and photos. Almudena Vallarta Uribe, FND4 student from Mexico, received a Round Square Leadership Award for her efforts with the Junior Round Square Student Government. Inès Huret, FND1 student from Portugal and France, received a Round Square Internationalism Award for her participation in the Junior Round Square Conference held in Zurich and her continued dedication to the cause.

Following the Placitum, Mr. Dawson had a round-table discussion with students from the IB1 class, brainstorming ideas to develop further connections with other Round Square schools via conferences and service projects. Mr. Dawson was also available to discuss gap year and university opportunities for students planning for graduation.

Mr. Dawson also welcomed students from the Dhirubhai Ambani International School who had just arrived from Mumbai, India to begin a student exchange with Ermitage correspondents. The delegation from the Ambani School will be hosted by Ermitage students who recently participated in the ICU2 trip to India in February 2014.

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Students recognized by HM King Constantine & Round Square Board of Trustees

His Majesty King Constantine of Greece recognized Ermitage students who participated in the ICU2 Eye Camp in India during a special presentation to the Round Square Board of Trustees on Saturday, March 15, 2015. HM King Constantine presided over the annual Round Square Board of Trustees meeting, which was held at Ermitage from March 14 - 16, 2014.

Student leaders presented an overview of their two-week adventure in India to His Majesty and the Round Square Board of Trustees. The students, ranging in nationality from French to Argentinian and Singaporean, took the audience on a journey through their eye camp project, where they successfully screened 9159 patients over a span of four days. The mission of ICU2 is to detect any eye care problems that may exist, ranging from nearsightedness, farsightedness, strabismus, cataract and more.

Of the 9159 patients screened, over 8500 pairs of free glasses were distributed, 325 free cataract surgeries were conducted and 400 doses of free antibiotics administered. The response from the community was overwhelming and the students enjoyed the personal interactions they shared, whether offering water to those waiting in line, receiving a blessing as a sign of gratitude or just sharing a smile. The transformative project challenged students to push themselves beyond their physical and mental limits. Students were equally rewarded by developing a new global perspective and by gaining new connections with international peers and memories that will fill their hearts for a lifetime.

For the past seven years, Ermitage students have been returning to the city of Indore, India in partnership with the Daly College. In recent years, the Choithram Nethralaya Eye Hospital has become a partner, enabling ICU2 to provide free cataract surgeries and follow-up care. This exceptional opportunity is student-led, with students school-wide raising funds throughout the year as well as a variety of different roles throughout the project ranging from campaigning, crowd management, detecting cataracts, conducting eye exams, distributing glasses and more.

His Majesty presented the following students with awards and Round Square badges, including: William Allen, Thomas Bolze, Christine Cobaugh, Axel Farhi, Aswin Sri Kumaran G, Marianne Gazet, Ulysse Ha, Sofia Hardoy, Tyrah van Berge Henegouwen, Alexia Koch, Paloma Labbé, Louise Lalande, Adam Mur, Ophelia Sanderson, Ines Speight, Ines Suarez, and Rowena Waldron.

Two student ambassadors from the Daly College of Indore participated in Saturday’s presentation via Skype. Dr. Sumer Singh, Principal of Daly College, was also in attendance as a member of the Round Square Board of Trustees to recognize the students’ achievements.

Following the ICU2 Eye Camp, Ermitage students continued onto Mumbai where they connected with correspondents at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School and were hosted in families. During their time in Mumbai, students volunteered with various NGO groups, attended classes and explored the city.

Additional guests during Saturday’s event included representatives from the Ermitage Round Square Student Government as well as students from the Dhirubhai Ambani International School, who are participating in the second phase of the exchange and who are currently being hosted by Ermitage students.

Photos of the student presentation to HM King Constantine and the Round Square Board of Trustees can be viewed below

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For more media coverage on the annual ICU2 project, please click the photos below:



Photos of the ICU2 project can be viewed below


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