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Student Reflection 18/02/2014 / Indore

Today was the second day of the eye camp!

Half of the Ermitage students were on the site with us two. We were a perfect team withe the doctors, the opticians and especially with the Dalians who taught us everything from the skills to the language so that we could make the best of the day. We all played our part through the different available jobs like pointing, screening, crowd controlling and handing over glasses. Our favorite part of the day was distributing water to the people waiting in line under the heat. I (Marianne) felt amazingly helpful when seeing the women and children smiling endlessly at us. As for me (Paloma) I was especially moved by the people's reactions when getting their own glasses as if it was the biggest turning point of their lives. This experience with people who have almost nothing helped us realize the way we sometimes take things for granted. The feelings we got throughout the day are hard for us to put into words; they are part of a unique experience that should be lived by everyone.

We even got to break the record of registrations in 1 day: a total of 1978!
Marianne & Paloma
1ère S students
Posted by katie in ICU2 India on Thursday February 20, 2014
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ICU2 featured in the news!

The Ermitage - Daly College team crossed cultural, physical and mental boundaries helping an unbelievable 9159 patients (over 2600 more than 2013)!!! Learn more about the project and hear from our students in one of the many newspaper features here! BRAVO TO ALL INVOLVED!!!

Posted by katie in ICU2 India on Wednesday February 19, 2014
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ICU2 Visits Eye Hospital & Local School

Posted by katie in ICU2 India on Tuesday February 18, 2014
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ICU2 2014 Eye Camp Launched!

On Monday, we began today at the Daly College temple to bless the camp before its inauguration. Many local politicians and important people came for the inauguration ceremony, along with the local media, to give speeches and offerings to our honored guests.  

The team divided into two groups, who will rotate throughout the week. One team went to visit the Choitram Neytralaya Eye Hospital. There, they learned what our patients will be receiving as far as their planned surgeries and follow up care. They also happened upon a local wedding and were able to experience the festivities first hand. The second group stayed on site at the camp and helped to welcome an astonishing 1270 patients for Day 1. 

The 2014 camp is the first year where not only glasses are distributed and free cataract surgeries arranged, but we have also been able to provide antibiotics for a variety of eye illnesses. Of the most memorable patients, a handful of young children (under the age of 10) have already experienced signs of cataracts and the associated complications. One 15 year old girl is currently unable to see, however will be having a cataract surgery followed by a second special procedure which can regain vision in one of her eyes. A third, very moving moment, included a rare heart-wrenching case where a 12 year old girl was found to have a tumor behind her eye. The necessary surgery was outside of the scope of our camp and too expensive for the family, however she will now be receiving this life-saving surgery thanks to the joint efforts of the Ermitage - Daly team, and the fundraising done by each individual school community this past year.

The students are now reflecting on the day and speaking about the rewards and challenges of a full day in India... speaking in Hindi, crowd management, fatigue, teamwork...

Internet connection is weak, so we can only share a few below - enjoy!

Posted by katie in ICU2 India on Saturday February 15, 2014
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ICU2 2014 Kicks off in India!

Ermitage students traveled from cold and rainy Paris to... an unseasonably cold and rainy India!

Upon arrival we were graced with many smiles and (finally) warm sunshine. Today we began construction of the camp site and walked around the local villages to distribute flyers and encourage people to come.

Everyone is enjoying some down time now and then off to the Principal's dinner beside the lake at Daly College. Day one of the VII Annual Ermitage / Daly College Eye Camp kicks off tomorrow... wish us luck!

Check out just a glimpse below - many more photos to come!


Posted by katie in ICU2 India on Thursday February 13, 2014
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