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What's an RSIS Project?

RSIS stands for "Round Square International Service," where students from Round Square schools around the world join together to create an international team. Projects are held all around the world, ranging from India to Canada, South Africa to Peru, and are held during winter and summer vacation periods. Learn more about the July 2013 RSIS projects below and contact if you'd like to consider an RSIS trip in the future!
Posted by katie in RSIS Projects on Friday October 18, 2013
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Round Square Conference Gordonstoun 2013

The weekend of the 13th to the 15th of September, My classmate Rowena W and I were able to represent Ermitage at a Round Square meeting at Gordonstoun School in Scotland. It was an amazing weekend and one that I will not forget any time soon.

When we first arrived in Aberdeen on the Friday morning, we met two other students and their supervisors from one of the visiting Round Square schools in Switzerland at the airport. From there we took an hour and a half long bus ride to get to Gordonstoun School. Once we arrived we began to meet all the Gordonstoun students who were taking part in the conference and the students coming from schools around Europe. The different countries that the students came from were U.K, Germany Switzerland, Morocco, Romania and Denmark. It was interesting to find out what the IB schools around Europe are like and how they differ and relate to Ermitage. We were also given a tour of the campus and shown the tents where we would be sleeping. At 5:30 pm Scottish time we had dinner in the refectory and we then had sports activity from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. By 10:00 pm our first day was over and we went to sleep in our tents.

On Saturday morning after breakfast, all the students attended chapel for about 45 minutes, and then all together we made a music video as part of one of the activities. Once we had finished with that we went to Spay Bay for a whale watching session, a beach cleanup and a presentation by a lady who worked there. When we got back to the school we had a presentation by a man named Tony Hyde, who told us about his trek through a mountain and a frozen river, which took him more than two months to complete. We then had sports activities for a little more than an hour, and after that with students from different year levels we had a student Rikkas which are several groups of students discussing important matters based on different themes (in our case the theme was the environment). At night there was a Ceilidh, where we learned how to perform different Scottish dances. To finish the night, we along with the students coming from the other schools (except the Gordonstoun students) went on a ghost tour around the school, where we all had much fun!

For our final day in Scotland we had another Student Rikka and gave PowerPoint presentations on our topics. We had a final meeting with all the supervisors and students and then had our final lunch of the conference before going off to the airport in Aberdeen to get our plane back to Paris.

The Round Square Conference was a lot of fun, but also much hard work had to be put in for it to be a successful weekend. It has certainly inspired me and has gotten me thinking about attending other Conferences in the future. I would highly recommend it for any of the students at Ermitage as it is an opportunity that you do not want to miss.

Axel F, IB1


Posted by katie in Conferences on Thursday October 17, 2013
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Introducing the new Aussie Gappie!

Hello to the online world, my name is Maddi and I am Ermitage’s newest Gap student, all the way from Australia. This is my first ever attempt at a blog so bear with me!

As I stepped off the plane onto French soil I was hit with a wave of excitement. After so many months planning and saving I had finally arrived, it really was a pinch yourself moment! I was met by the two very friendly faces of Katrina and Jerome, relieved that I hadn’t got lost. My first afternoon in Maisons-Laffitte is a little blurry, I’m quite certain due the overnight flight. Katrina took me down to the town centre where we sat back and enjoyed a coffee in the sun, pure bliss. When meeting your roommate for the first time, with absolutely no idea who they’re or where they are from, it’s natural to be a little nervous. After one afternoon with Katrina I realised how lucky I was. I love that our lives are so similar, despite growing up on opposite sides of the world.

My first week at Ermitage really was overwhelming but in the best way possible. Part of my reasoning for taking a Gap year was to experience a life, a culture, completely different to that of my own. Wow have I landed on my feet here at Ermitage?! Being an international school the people I have met are extraordinary. Staff and students that have lived, worked, studied and travelled all over the world. The diversity of the school really is something special to be apart of, never before have I lived with such an international group of people.

Many of the staff and students made my first week at the school as settling as possible. I was greeted by so many friendly faces who were kind enough to help me ease into Ermitage’s day to day life.

At first I found the language barrier a very daunting factor, whilst i've come to realise that English is more prominent here at the school, I hope to at least pick up some French during my stay. So please help me out, force me to speak French when I am around you!

Although my time here at Ermitage is limited, I can tell I'm going to get so much out of it. Ermitage is a special place, not only does it offer a French experience, it also offers an international experience and the language that comes with it. I am super excited to meet more and more people, help in various areas of the school, learn some French and so much more. Personally, I think throwing yourself into a different culture is such a great way to gain independence, develop understanding and find out more about yourself and what makes you tic. Aswell as gaining skills, work experience and a better understanding of travel. Over the next six weeks, I’m ready to open my eyes to a whole new world, so make sure if you haven’t already, come introduce yourself!

Maddi H

Gappie, Australia

Posted by katie in Gap Students on Tuesday October 15, 2013
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RS International Conference 2013 in Florida!

5 lucky lads have the honor of representing Ermitage at the Round Square International Conference 2013 being hosted by St. Andrew's School in Boca Raton, Florida!

Unique to this conference, each student delegate is being hosted by American families to have additional exposure to the American culture and school community. 

The conference will feature a mix of democracy, adventure and service - with the opportunity to add over 800+ new international friends to their Facebook network.

For specific information related to this conference, please visit:


A video from our friends in Columbia:



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