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The Ermitage Team

In addition to being experienced and highly skilled, our team is caring and committed. Academic excellence is our focus, but we also work to make sure Ermitage students are happy and safe in and outside of the classroom. We think you should be able to put a name to each face and understand how we got here. Please allow us to introduce ourselves!

Let's Get to Know Each Other!

Jim Doherty

Executive President, Laffitte Education

Alex Zeitoun

Chief Operating Officer, Laffitte Education

Marta Essinki

Head of Ermitage International IB School

Christopher-James Daniel

Head of French Section

Caroline Forgues

Head of Lower School

Sylvie Bernard

Head of the Lycée

Christine Collie

IB MYP Coordinator

Wayne Hodgkinson

IB DP Coordinator

Janelle Dubos

Admissions Director

Jonathan Hager

BFI Coordinator

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Students from France and all over the world come to live in our historic French homes. Families can choose between 5 or 7-day boarding options. We provide a safe and caring atmosphere to make Ermitage your home away from home.
At Ermitage, we empower our students to invest in their education. They develop critical thinking skills, a love of learning, and the ability to adapt in an international context, going on to become engaged members of society.
Calling all parents, alumni, students, & teachers! Join us to see what's new in the Ermitage community and share your experiences. Find out how you can get involved, support current students and connect with one another.