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Our Mission

We take our job very seriously. Leading young people into their futures is a great responsibility, but a rewarding one. We want our students to leave school with the self-awareness and confidence to achieve their goals. We teach them that hard work pays off and knowledge is precious. With an Ermitage education in their back pocket, our students go on to study at some of the finest universities around the world. They also become invaluable friends and attentive family members. They become engaged actors in society. They become leaders.
With almost 80 years' experience as an international school, we have learned what it takes to build a multicultural community, among both students and staff; to foster empathy, compassion, and integrity while still achieving academic excellence. At Ermitage, these values go hand-in-hand. True excellence is built on individual successes and teamwork, audacity and humility, a balance between self and the world that encourages harmony and happiness for all. Ermitage students develop the openness and daring it takes to do great things.
Our innovative approach to education means that each student can find the right fit, while still being part of one multi-faceted community. Whether they choose the French baccalaureate path or the International Baccalaureate programs, our students thrive in an environment where they can express their creativity, develop critical thinking skills, and grow into responsible global citizens. They leave Ermitage ready to move through the world with kindness and intelligence.

2 Objectives

– Give our students the tools they need to become engaged and caring global citizens of tomorrow.

– Provide the opportunities and support it takes to succeed and access the best universities in France and abroad.

2 Pedagogical Methods

– Guide our students throughout their schooling to choose the programs that meet their needs.

– Emphasize the importance of foreign language, commitment to self and others, adaptability and independence in learning.


Academic Paths


Achieved Honors on the French Baccalaureate


Average in the IB Diploma Score


Nationalities & 35 Languages Spoken

Our Philosophy

With an emphasis on multilingualism and a strong academic foundation, we prepare our students for success and a wider understanding of the world. Our unique approach to learning can be outlined by the following key actions:

  • Offer several possible paths within the school for a pedagogy that meets each family's needs and expectations.
  • Accompany students throughout their academic and personal journey so that each choice reflects their true ambition.
  • Teach students to face challenges and uphold their promises to themselves and others.
  • Provide each student with the support necessary to work toward a bilingual level in French and English, starting from Pre-K.
  • Give students the opportunity to feel comfortable and thrive in a cosmopolitan environment.
  • Make each student an actor in their own education, with opportunities to make decisions for themselves.
  • Offer a range of level groups in Collège for personalized instruction to reach every single student, right where they are.
  • Reduce class sizes in groups having the most difficulty to provide increased attention.
  • Guide children through open-mindedness and curiosity so they can grow into responsible adolescents. – Impart a love of learning and a desire to explore by making students the center of their academic journey.
  • Empathetically and by example, lead students toward a team approach and mutual respect.
  • Create international classrooms where our students can experience a variety of teaching methods and curricula.
  • Encourage students to participate in any number of international projects: student exchanges, trips, partnerships abroad, service and solidarity projects, conferences, Model United Nations, and more.
  •  Foster a stimulating and welcoming atmosphere on campus through a variety of cultural and athletic activities, organized in partnership with the city of Maisons-Laffitte.

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At Ermitage, we believe athletics are an important piece of the puzzle, contributing to our students’ overall success and well-being. Ermitage offers a wide variety of activities and facilities so there's something for everyone.
Living in Maisons-Laffitte
A green and peaceful retreat just a few miles from Paris, Maisons-Laffitte gives our students a safe and beautiful place to explore. Ermitage brings an exciting international component to this welcoming French community.
Service Projects
Ermitage students are invited to consider their place in the world through a critical lens. Service opportunities at school and through Round Square International allow them to give back, engage and learn from their environment.