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Living in Maisons-Laffitte
The ability to welcome you in such a beautiful town is a true point of pride for us. It's hard to imagine a more inspiring environment: the vast park, historic architecture, extensive and varied athletic facilities, and the list goes on. All this, and Paris at your doorstep. Shall we give you a tour?


Population of Maisons-Laffitte


Horse Stables in Town


Kilometers from Paris


Acres of Surrounding Forest


Living in Maisons-Laffitte means having access to everything you need. The city is stunning and full of history. Surrounded by over 8500 acres of forest and boasting a château that is a listed historical monument, our town has been baptized the "City of Horses" for its rich equestrian tradition. Just west of Paris, many English speaking families have settled here and commute to work in the capital. More than a pretty façade and certainly more than a mere suburb, Maisons-Laffitte is an incredibly pleasant place to live!

740 acres of green space extend from the town center, encouraging long promenades in a safe and vibrant setting. Our students can walk or bike around town to meet friends or go to the various shops and cafés in our active community. Many festivals, cultural and sporting events are organized each year.

Whether they live on campus or at home, our students can participate in a variety of leisure and sporting activities, cultivating their personality and taste for adventure.


An Active City

Sports are an important part of life in Maisons-Laffitte. Horseback riding comes to mind first, as it has contributed to the international reputation of the city and given Maisons-Laffitte its nickname. We have 30 stables and 7000 horses as well as a racetrack. There's also a beautiful 9-hole golf course, hikes and jogging trails in the Saint-Germain forest as well as opportunities to play team and individual sports: tennis, rowing, swimming, soccer, field hockey, volleyball, etc. In short, everything you could ever need to stay in shape or have fun, giving our students the opportunity to achieve the physical and psychological equilibrium they need to excel in their studies.

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A City with a Rich History

The city of Maisons-Laffitte has a history dating back to the Gallo-Roman period. Recent archeological digs found pottery dating to the 2nd and 3rd centuries, attesting to the origins of the first settlement here, Mansionis. But let's follow the timeline a little further into the future. During Charlemagne's reign, Maisons-Laffitte was only a village, briefly referred to as Maisons-sur-Seine. Then around 1050, Maisons became a seigneury entrusted to the powerful Poissy family who built a Romanesque church and ruled the area until the 15th century, when they eventually parcelled off their land.
In 1602, however, a family of Parisian parliamentarians, the Longueuils, bought every single parcel and reunited Maisons-sur-Seine. René de Longueil, named Superintendent of Finance in 1650, marked the history of the city by asking Mansart to build a château that would later become Château de Maisons, coveted by royal French families, notably the Count of Artois, until the Revolution of 1789.
And then there was the man who permanently marked the history of Maisons-sur-Seine and gave it the name we know today: banker, Jacques Laffitte. In 1818, he bought the domain which had been transferred to the state by that time, and had residences built in the 980-acre park. He founded the equestrian tradition of our fine city that now boasts a population of 24,200!

Paris at Your Doorstep


Sporting activities, horses, and… culture! It is everywhere in Maisons-Laffitte. Known for the magnificent Château de Maisons, one of the hunting lodges of Louis XIV, our city is also located in close proximity to the Palace of Versailles and its extraordinary gardens.

And only 10 miles away: Paris. The City of Light is one of the most magical world capitals with incredible architecture, amazing food and picturesque neighborhoods for taking a stroll and absorbing the Parisian je ne sais quoi. It's quick and easy to get to Paris from Maisons-Laffitte. The RER A train or SNCF regional train network make the trip in just 20 minutes. Our students get to explore Paris during their time at Ermitage, becoming familiar with some of the most celebrated museums, theaters and monuments in the world! This privileged location gives them a chance to learn from their surroundings and gain independence throughout their schooling.

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