Boarding Options

Ermitage welcomes students from around the world through our boutique boarding experience. Students have the opportunity to develop roots in French culture by living in historic homes located in the lush and safe park of Maisons-Laffitte. Just 20km west of Paris on a main train line, Maisons-Laffitte offers students an exceptional setting where they can balance their rigorous academics in addition to competitive athletics, team activities and projects that support the local and global communities.

I’m really enjoying being a boarder for the first time
and it’s been amazing to have someone going through
the same thing as you as a roommate.

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Ermitage Experience

  • 5 & 7-day boarding available
  • Multicultural & multilingual community
  • Diverse & rigorous academic programs including IB Middle Year Program
  • IB Diploma Program, French Baccalaureate with OIB (American option)
  • Exceptional location in historic, green park, 20 minutes by train from Paris
  • Personalized, boutique boarding experience where students live in a friendly & supportive setting
  • Boarding Parents accompany & care for students, liaising with academic staff to ensure continuity between the school day & life at the boarding house
  • Responsible Living Status (RLS) encourages students to take advantage of local surroundings in a responsible way  

Paris at your doorstep

Students get to experience French life in an unparalleled setting. The pedestrian-friendly and natural atmosphere offers a nice balance outside of the city center, while still allowing students to easily access Paris. Students enjoy excursions into Paris to support their learning and explore all that the city has to offer. Situated at the heart of historic Maisons-Laffitte, Ermitage offers several sporting and cultural activities. With over 3000 horses in the town, students have easy access to horseback riding among other activities such as golf, tennis, swimming, rowing, football, volleyball and more. Bakeries and cafés in the town center also allow students to practice their French language skills while tasting local delights.

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