Ermitage students participate in a variety of artistic and performance opportunities each year, developing their talents and confidence. Art is offered at all levels, including high level academic art projects and exhibits for Upper School students. Various ateliers from cooking to crafts, Irish dance and more are also offered.

For those interested in music, classes are offered depending on age and program, and students are invited to participate in a multitude of productions. Since the early 1990's, Ermitage students have showcased the "American musical" in France. The most recent student productions have included Grease and High School Musical.

IB Art Exhibition

The IB Diploma students prepare for a full year to present their creative masterpieces. The Visual Arts program is a two-year course that focuses on teaching students the delicate intricacies of many different types of arts, which culminates theory, practice, and curation. 


International Performances

Middle School students travel annually to the Isle of Wight in the UK to participate in an intensive English-speaking theater program. The students spend one week working with professional theater, dance and music instructors on a production, which is later performed in front of the local English-speaking community. This fantastic opportunity for the 40 students who participate creates lifelong memories between the students and their peers, where the enthusiasm of their adventure continues to shine throughout the rest of their academic year.

Annual Talent Show

Students bring their individual talents to the stage through the Annual Talent Show. This highly anticipated event allows musicians, dancers of all kinds, acrobats, and even yo-yo-ists to entertain the school community. Discovering the (sometimes hidden) talents of their peers is an enriching and entertaining experience for all involved.


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