Happy. Safe. Motivated. This is invariably what every parent wants for their child. At Ermitage Middle School, we share this ambition. It’s what makes our school so special.

With a modern outlook on education, a positive, caring atmosphere and a talented multi-national staff, our students learn and develop academically, emotionally and individually.

We like to think of ourselves as coaches who support our students throughout their journey from childhood to adolescence. We help them develop the attitudes, skills and confidence they will need to succeed in the fast-paced, ever changing world that awaits. In an environment where students feel valued as individuals; where manners, respect and a sense of humor are cherished ౼ tolerance flourishes. When teachers make education both exciting and challenging ౼ a love of learning emerges. And above all, in a school filled with compassionate, confident, responsible citizens, and leaders ౼ pride abounds.

Christopher-James Daniel
Head of Middle School

Program Offerings

Language Toogle - French