Extension Programs

Following the success of our Coding Summer Camps, we are pleased to announce our continued partnership with Magic Makers, the leader in coding classes for kids aged 7 to 18. During these classes, kids create with passion:

  • code video games, websites, mobile apps
  • program robots, self-driving cars
  • invent their own stories and universe.

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Day & Time
The Magic Makers course for CE1-CE2 allows makers to discover major areas of the digital world. In small groups, and guided by the facilitator who coaches them, stduents will discover and manipulate a certain number of concepts, use them repeatedly in short projects of one to two sessions in order to understand them the effects and their usefulness for the implementation of their ideas.
In this course, they use Scratch to design video games, learn how to make animations, program augmented games by an electrical, create graphics to power their games & animations, and model shapes in 3D. They will also discover how to code in Minecraft.
The Magic Makers course for CM1-CM2 allows students to develop their creativity, their logic and their capacity for abstraction so that they have the keys to understanding necessary to create ambitious projects for themselves.
In small groups, the students, with the facilitator who coaches them, develop their ability to master the key principles of digital creation and the key concepts of programming in order to mobilize them in a multitude of projects.
In this course, they design video games, learn how to make animations, create graphics to fuel their games and their animations, model 3D shapes, program games augmented by electronics and create circuits. They use Scratch as a programming language through all of these creative areas to establish their programming understanding and build their skills without having to learn other syntaxes.


The Magic Makers course for Grades 6-5 is the step between children's programming on Scratch and professional tools.
In this journey, they design mobile applications for Android and iOS, model objects in 3D, code advanced 2D video games, build connected objects, sequence interactive animations and even write their first scripts in Python.

15:15-16:45 &


With the Magic Makers course for 4th-3rd graders, makers will use coding languages ​​and professional tools to create complex projects.
Students will master several professional tools, thus giving them a wide range of skills in different and complementary programming languages.
In this course, they design websites, code 3D video games in C+, build connected objects, model 3D objects and sequence 3D animations.

15:15-16:45 &

This Artificial Intelligence course has been designed to go really far in learning and mastering this field and to come out with knowledge and know-how that will be useful to you to create solutions that will have an impact on the world.
Students will code in Python. They will explore different modules (image modification, cryptography, music modification) to create what is of interest to them with code libraries. 
Students will become Tech for Good and will learn to develop complex web and mobile applications. At the same time, they will create their own entrepreneurial project around Tech for Good (entrepreneurship with social impact with a technological basis). They will work as a team and the group will be coached by a facilitator who will advise them on the technical aspects as well as on the key stages of project management.





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