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IB University Advising

Your future is important to us and we start University Advising early on in order to understand your ambitions and guide you as effectively as possible in planning your next steps. An Ermitage education gives you access to the best universities in the world. It's up to you to seize the opportunity!

At Ermitage, we begin discussing post-secondary plans as early as IB MYP 4. Every year, we hold a University Fair at the end of September. University representatives come to campus, along with parents and alumni who share about their professional paths.

Students work with the University Advising office to achieve three goals:

  • Determine their areas of interest
  • Identify universities that are likely to be a good fit
  • Make a plan to get there

During their last two years at Ermitage, we help our students make more specific plans for the future as they:

  • Fine-tune their university profile for applications
  • Research the specific university programs that match their goals
  • Attend information meetings and workshops to establish direct contacts and obtain concrete information allowing them to apply and gain admission

University destinations of the 2023 class

Chart - University Destinations 2023 Ermitage IB DP Students

IB results for the 2023 class

IB DP Ermitage Grades 2023 - Chart

Please note that if enough students are interested in attending American universities, SAT preparation classes can be offered as an after-school activity.

Regardless of a student's specific path at Ermitage, we are confident it will give them access to well-respected universities around the world. Our students work hard and our University Advisors help them achieve their dreams.




University Offers

Rachel Quandalle
University Advising

IB graduates earn a diploma that is recognized around the world. Students who complete the rigorous and innovative IB DP program have their pick when it comes to university admissions.

At Ermitage, our students have the freedom to choose the program that's right for them.

Janelle Dubos
IB Admissions