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IB Middle Years Program

IB MYP 1-5,  11 TO 16 YEARS OLD

Whether you are coming from the Ermitage bilingual program, another international school, a local school in France, or abroad, you can find your place in the Middle Years Program at Ermitage. The IB MYP framework focuses on engaging each student in inquiry as they gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the Diploma Program.

The IB Experience

IB academic standards and requirements are challenging and rigorous, but at Ermitage, our focus is on the whole student. This holistic IB approach means every MYP student feels involved, understood and motivated. Throughout their course of study, our IB Middle Years students grow a strong sense of self, develop an intercultural understanding of the world and flourish into skilled communicators. Students are encouraged to ask questions, take action and lead. Giving our MYP students a safe place to express themselves, gain knowledge and grow as individuals leads to extraordinary results and extraordinary futures.

We are seeking motivated students who are independent, reflective
and open-minded. Does that sound like you? Come join us!


The IB Middle Years Program

As complete and academically demanding as any international curriculum, the Middle Years Program at Ermitage distinguishes itself through authentic learning experiences and an interdisciplinary approach. Projects throughout the MYP program require self-directed inquiry, in-depth understanding and effective communication. This culminates in the Personal Project in MYP year 5, which is an opportunity for students to explore an area of personal interest, consolidate their learning and take pride in their work.


Language & Literature
English, French

Language Acquisition
English, French, Spanish

Individuals & Societies
Geography, History, Economics


Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Standard & Extended

Visual Arts, Music



Digital, Product

Physical & Health Ed.

MYP Projects, Services as Action



The MYP at Ermitage

Students develop a taste for innovation and teamwork by learning through projects.

  • MYP 1-3 Incubator Projects
  • MYP 4 Community Projects
  • MYP 5 Personal Project

Interdisciplinary Unit (IDU)
All IB MYP students explore interdisciplinary links between different MYP subjects, concepts, methods in units of study. They become problem solvers, product creators, and intellectual explorers. Examples include exploring the links between Math, Science, and Design.

Ermitage teachers follow student progress, provide guidance individually or in small groups and ensure each child is being adequately challenged and supported in their learning.


The Buddy Bench Project

MYP 1 students present their Buddy Bench, an Incubator Project focused on inclusion, kindness and community. Through planning, fundraising, problem-solving and teamwork, the MYP 1 class brought their Buddy Bench project to life!

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IB Diploma Program
Ermitage students enter the IB Diploma Program to become critical thinkers and develop an excellent depth and breadth of knowledge.
University Advising
Your future is important to us and we start University Advising early on in order to understand your ambitions and guide you as effectively as possible in planning your next steps. An Ermitage education gives you access to the best universities in the world. It's up to you to seize the opportunity!
Students from France and all over the world come to live in our historic French homes. Families can choose between 5 or 7-day boarding options. We provide a safe and caring atmosphere to make Ermitage your home away from home.

At Ermitage, our students have the freedom to choose the program that's right for them.

Janelle Dubos
IB Admissions