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Pre-K and Primary
Ermitage Pre-K starts at age 3. Accredited by the National Ministry of Education, our Pre-K and Primary School programs take inspiration from the latest pedagogical research. We adapt to each child and offer a truly bilingual environment in French and English.

Our Pedagogical Approach

We make every child a priority. It is essential for our young students to feel secure and free to explore their new school community. We help them grow and thrive, making sure their needs are met. Pre-K and Primary School students are divided into groups by language level so everyone can be appropriately challenged and receive personalized guidance.

Our Commitment

Encourage our students to take initiative, ensuring they develop confidence and a love of learning.

Our Objective

Young people who are fully aware of their capabilities and the world around them.

Bilingual Maternelle (Pre-K)

The very first years of school are a key moment in your child's life. It is a time to build trust with their teachers and for us to guide them in their new role as students.

Ermitage is open to children who are 3 years old (or will be by the end of the year), as long as they are potty-trained. Our Pre-K program is focused on bilingual language acquisition of French and English and the discovery of new skills.

Primary School

By involving your child in their own learning, Ermitage has accepted the challenge of leading them to independence. This process takes place in French and English, as early as Primary School. Depending on their linguistic background, we will choose the best class for your child to make sure they reach middle school at their full potential.


Additional Benefits

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At Ermitage, we aim to lead our students to excellence. That's why our programs accredited by the National Ministry of Education focus on the methods required to succeed and master foreign languages.
Our role as a Lycée is to guide you toward academic excellence and the mastery of foreign languages so you can go on to the best universities in France and abroad.
University Advising
Your future is important to us and we start University Advising early on in order to understand your ambitions and guide you as effectively as possible in planning your next steps. An Ermitage education gives you access to the best universities in the world. It's up to you to seize the opportunity!

At Ermitage, our students have the freedom to choose the program that's right for them.

Celine Guarin
Primary Admissions