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Collège students

At Ermitage, we aim to lead our students to excellence. That's why our programs accredited by the National Ministry of Education focus on the methods required to succeed and master a foreign language. From 6ème to 4ème (Grades 6-8), we have implemented a system to meet the needs of each child, dividing them into groups by level so our middle schoolers can gain confidence and build skills.

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Level Groups For Each Main Subject


Foreign Languages


International Trips Per Year

Our Pedagogical Approach

  • Encourage students to get involved in their education by motivating them to make decisions
  • Offer a variety of level groups to target appropriate teaching methods as precisely as possible
  • Keep class sizes down in groups that are having the most difficulty
  • Guide children into adolescence by encouraging open-mindedness and curiosity
  • Sharpen students' desire to learn and ability to explore knowledge on a deeper level
  • Model empathy and understanding so each child learns teamwork and mutual respect
student reading a book

What Makes our Collège Special

The importance of foreign language

  • An LV2 (2nd foreign language) is mandatory starting in 6ème (Grade 6). Students have 3 options: Mandarin, Spanish, and German.
  • Students with a lower level of English do not start an LV2 right away. They receive additional support in English first.

3ème is part of Lycée

From a teaching and learning standpoint, this was a logical choice for us. Ermitage believes that the 3ème year (Grade 9) and associated brevet (certificate) exam is a better fit with the atmosphere of Lycée. This organization allows our middle schoolers to be part of a closer-knit group and feel more secure about their role in the school community.
Collège student in class, holding a pen with other pupils blurred in the background

5 level groups (E1 to E5)

  • Ermitage offers students 4 to 5 level groups in each of the main subjects (French, English, math and history), independently from their main class. This means more targeted teaching and improved progress for every student.
  • Groups are not set in stone. It is possible to change level groups at any time throughout the year if the teachers decide it is necessary.
  • Groups with the most difficulty will have a smaller class size to accelerate learning.
  • Students in groups E1, E2 and E3 take history classes in English.
  • Science class lab work is carried out in half-groups.
  • Physical education is taught in four groups in 6ème to keep class size down and give students additional practice time.
  • In 3ème (Grade 9), the E1 and E2 groups have access to the international option of the French baccalaureate (OIB).
  • Only about one quarter of the curriculum is taught to full class groups, all levels combined (music, geography, art, physics/chemistry and earth/life sciences).
  • All Collège students know each other and spend time together. Circulating among level groups encourages them to help one another and build friendships.

Language tripS

Bilingualism is key for students wishing to attend France's most prestigious grandes écoles and universities. To better accompany each student as they learn to master foreign languages, we organize two immersion trips each year, starting in Grade 6. First, students may travel to England or Ireland and later go further afield to the US, Spain or Germany in Grades 7 or 8. Our trips and exchange programs give them the opportunity to take classes while immersed in another language, discover local culture with their host families and gain knowledge of the world.

Weekly Class Schedule for Students in 6ème to 4ème (Grades 6-8)

The Added Benefits of Collège at Ermitage

Round Square International

Round Square is a unique educational philosophy, a network of over 200 schools around the world that regularly meet to share experiences and build projects. We are proud to be the first member school in France, giving all Ermitage students an opportunity to better understand their place in society and the role they play in a global context. With Round Square, we grow together through new, enlightening experiences.

The Placitum

Every other week, our Collège students gather for a debate. The Placitum is an assembly where they share experiences, work together and improve their public speaking. They practice expressing their viewpoints on current events in English or French, making connections between their school work and the wider world.

Students walking into the forest to clean nature with plastic bags

The Learner Passport Program

Collège students who participate in the optional Learner Passport program make a commitment to their school, but most of all to the communities that make up our society. Their missions are varied and may include things like participating in the Lion's Club food drive, collecting donations for charity actions, preparing festive events at Ermitage or visiting the elderly in nursing homes. Passport gives students access to the world and an opportunity to learn more about themselves.

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Students from France and all over the world come to live in our historic French homes. Families can choose between 5 or 7-day boarding options. We provide a safe and caring atmosphere to make Ermitage your home away from home.
University Advising
Your future is important to us and we start University Advising early on in order to understand your ambitions and guide you as effectively as possible in planning your next steps. An Ermitage education gives you access to the best universities in the world. It's up to you to seize the opportunity!
IB Middle Years Program
Whether you are coming from the Ermitage bilingual program, another international school, a local school in France or abroad, you can find your place in the Middle Years Program at Ermitage.

At Ermitage, our students have the freedom to choose the program that's right for them.

Marie Decaris
Collège Admissions