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French Bilingual School

Ermitage offers French and bilingual instruction from Maternelle to Terminale (Pre-K to 12th grade) with a true commitment to academic excellence. These programs are accredited by the National Ministry of Education.

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Bilingual students in the Primary School


Pass Rate on the French Baccalaureate with Honors


of 2nde - Tle students enrolled in international option (OIB)


Nationalities Present & 35 Languages Spoken

One of our key objectives is for students to master both French and English. The Ermitage team has developed an approach to teaching that considers the needs of each individual so everyone can work together to reach success.

Our programs lead students to their final accomplishment: the French baccalaureate. The diploma can be completed in French or students can choose the American section of the international option baccalaureate (OIB). 

Pre-K & Primary School

When your child enters school for the first time, starting at age 3, they begin building a relationship with their teacher and find their new identity as a student. With caring and patience, our Pre-K and Primary School teachers begin to foster the love of learning, in French and English, that will carry your child throughout their education.
The main focuses in Ermitage Pre-K and Primary are increased independence for our young learners and a truly bilingual experience. Children begin to actively participate at their own pace and gain self-awareness during these first formative years. They can then choose to continue on in the French Collège or IB MYP programs for middle school.



Collège (6ème-4ème / 6th-8th grade)

Collège (6ème-4ème / 6th-8th grade) Collège is a time of discovery. Discovery of self, but also of the world around us. At Ermitage, our middle schoolers learn to find their own way and expand their skills. By offering classes adapted to their level of learning in each major subject, we individually guide our students toward mastery of the academic pillars while stimulating their minds through interdisciplinary flexibility and bilingualism.
Collège student in class, holding a pen with other pupils blurred in the background


Lycée (3ème-Terminale / 9th-12th grade)

In lycée you have a choice. There are a range of foreign languages and various class options available. You can also choose the American section of the international option baccalaureate (OIB) or the French section.
Discover how these two demanding options will challenge you intellectually, help you achieve academic excellence and master foreign languages. At the end of lycée, Ermitage students are accepted to some of the best universities in France and abroad.

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At Ermitage, we believe athletics are an important piece of the puzzle, contributing to our students’ overall success and well-being. Ermitage offers a wide variety of activities and facilities so there's something for everyone.
Service Projects
Ermitage students are invited to consider their place in the world through a critical lens. Service opportunities at school and through Round Square International allow them to give back, engage and learn from their environment.
The Arts
Each year, Ermitage students have a variety of opportunities to participate in the visual, musical, and performing arts. We believe artistic expression is an essential component of our student's educational and personal journeys.

At Ermitage, our students have the freedom to choose the program that's right for them.

Janelle Dubos
Admissions Director