Strengthened by 80 years of experience, Ermitage International School of France provides our students with a global education, steeped in compassion and empathy. We create an open-minded and child-focused setting that develops excellence in academics, supports students in their ambitions, and imparts a genuine love of learning. Ermitage offers an environment that cherishes curiosity, encourages independence and supports the untapped potential of our multicultural students. This enables them to become insightful, resilient individuals and, above all, allows them to play a central role in their schooling and their future.

Today, it is clear that one’s capacity to gain new knowledge and adapt to a fast-paced and ever-changing landscape is of the utmost importance for success. The rapid technological and ecological transformations we are experiencing are giving way to a world with fewer borders and more possibilities for exchanging with others, while also presenting new challenges. This is the setting for our children’s future and is a source of new opportunities, ready to be seized. In this context, we provide an international education in line with the world of tomorrow. We offer our students the keys to unlock a bright and promising future in the university, career and country of their choosing.

Benjamin Hunter
Head of School

Pillars of Ermitage


Founded in 1941 in the lush park of Maisons-Laffitte, Ermitage is a student-centered, dynamic and cosmopolitan establishment rich with an invaluable cultural heritage at Paris' doorstep.


In a multicultural environment rich with more than 70 nationalities, we guide each student towards the international curriculum that corresponds to their academic profile, nourishing their path with experiences across the globe.  

Diverse Curriculum Paths

Innovative and ambitious pedagogical methods adapted to each student, emphasizing curiosity, critical thinking and collective intelligence in order to develop students' competencies to excel and succeed in tomorrow's world. 

Student Experience

A friendly and stimulating environment where each student can blossom and invest in numerous humanitarian, athletic and creative projects in France and around the world.

Ermitage Values

Carried by our trusted values of confidence, respect and openness, we have at heart to pass on the desire to learn, the taste for entrepreneurship and the joy of realizing every student's potential.

Your Future

Students are prepared for universities worldwide and are ready to become active and conscientious members in tomorrow's world.

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