Mission & Philosophy


Ermitage International School of France is a cosmopolitan community of lifelong learners committed to developing individuals who are aware and compassionate, knowledgeable and responsible, and able to act in their own lives and in their world.

We strive to provide an education that stimulates the mind and develops critical thinking while imparting the values of respect and mutual understanding, honesty and cooperation, empathy and open-mindedness.

We work to create a learning environment in which our students can be creative and reflective and where they can find opportunities to demonstrate initiative, leadership and a sense of responsibility.


As an IB World School set within a French educational context, Ermitage strives to reach the following objectives:

  • To enable our students to become bilingual in English and French and to acquire at least one other foreign language to the highest degree to which the student can aspire;
  • To build the ‘international classroom’ where our students can learn in different contexts, from the academic to the experiential, and benefit from academic crossovers between the various diploma programs.
  • To encourage our students to participate in our many international projects: exchanges, trips and link-ups with partner schools, international service projects, international conferences, Model United Nations ... thereby opening up their horizons to different ideas and cultures;
  • To build a community of learners, no matter their nationality, in which each individual is a valued member and participant;
  • To help our students develop the means – cognitive, affective, and experiential - to become young adults who are capable of establishing bridges of understanding between peoples regardless of nationality, religion, socio-economic group, culture, age, and gender.

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