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The Ermitage Community

More than anything, Ermitage is one big family. We are a close-knit community made richer by our diversity, which is reflected in the multiples programs and paths we offer as well. Ours is a community that will support you throughout all the crucial moments in our journey together.
This is a space for parents, teachers, the management team, as well as past, present and future students to stay current on what's going on at the school and get involved with our community. Share your experiences and find the answers to any questions you may have.


A Lifelong Bond

Teachers and Former Teachers

Our teachers from around the world are the heart and soul of our community. During your years teaching at Ermitage, you create strong professional ties as well as solid friendships with one another. You build a space for exchange that contributes to our daily quest for knowledge and mutual understanding. You explore pedagogical methods and tools in a continuous search for improvement.

This community of caring, skilled educators is invaluable to our school. We want it to remain active throughout your career at Ermitage, and also after you leave. We've created a dedicated page for you to write and share your ideas on this beautiful profession. Feel free to participate in the discussion, stay in contact and keep the community you've built together alive, outside of the classroom.


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Ermitage students enter the IB Diploma Program to become critical thinkers and develop an excellent depth and breadth of knowledge. 

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Ermitage offers an idyllic location for a boutique boarding experience. Students quickly feel at home when they join our supportive community.

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After the IB

Your future is important to us and we start University Advising early on in order to understand your ambitions and guide you as effectively as possible in planning your next steps. 

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At Ermitage, our students have the freedom to choose the program that's right for them.

Janelle Dubos
Admissions Director