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Ermitage Sports Academy

A platform to perform at a high level in sports while maintaining a strong focus on academic success.


We truly believe that high performance in sports can translate into strong leadership skills, a thirst for knowledge and success, and a keen drive to self-improvement. 

As of the next academic school year, we will be offering students in the IB program from MYP 4 to DP 2 the possibility of training and competing at high levels in three different sports: football, equestrian sports (jumping/dressage), or golf.

Through partnerships with local riding schools, the Maisons-Laffitte Golf Club and local football organizations, we aim to offer an elite sporting experience for students who want to dedicate a significant part of their time to these disciplines.

As academic excellence is a cornerstone of our offering here at Ermitage, we will push these student athletes to continue with a challenging, but manageable, load of IB coursework. This balance of academics and sports will allow students to apply for competitive and ambitious university and post-secondary sporting programs as well as sports management courses. Students will be encouraged to maintain a strong academic profile to be ready for whatever the future throws at them.

At Ermitage, our students have the freedom to choose the program that's right for them.

Kaitlin Hunter
Admissions Director