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The Ermitage Mustangs

At Ermitage, we believe athletics are an important piece of the puzzle, contributing to our students’ overall success and well-being. Ermitage offers a wide variety of activities and facilities so there's something for everyone.

Sports are important at Ermitage. We believe that regular physical activity is essential to achieving balance. Athletics are an added benefit and a major ally when it comes to academic success.That's why we have partnered with the city and local clubs to give our students access to as many opportunities and facilities as possible. Not everyone has the same interests or skills, but we can all benefit from participating in some kind of individual or team sport.

Outside of mandatory physical education classes, students can choose to play sports for leisure or at a competitive level. Everything is possible. You're sure to find something you like, so get ready to join in!


Club Sports

Bridging the gap between intramural sports and professional-level competition, Ermitage Mustangs club sports allow our students to hone their athletic skills and participate in exciting matches and tournaments. Clubs are open to IB MYP, DP, Collège and Lycée students who have the necessary level to compete. Our students are matched up against teams and athletes from other areas around France. Go Mustangs!


High School

The boys and girls varsity basketball teams compete annually in Denmark in a Round Square International basketball tournament as well as locally in games and tournaments against teams in the Paris area.

Middle School

The Middle School basketball teams compete in local tournaments and games with schools and basketball clubs from the surrounding Paris area."


With our location so close to the Seine river, students can easily participate in the local youth rowing club. One of our students competed in the finals of the 2012 and 2014 French national championship.


Students participate in local Yvelines and Ile de France championships and regularly qualify for the national championship.


High School

The boys and girls varsity teams compete in local and international tournaments and games with schools and soccer clubs from the surrounding Paris area

Middle School

The Middle School boys and girls teams participate in tournaments and matches with schools and soccer clubs in the Paris area.

Ski & Surf

Round Square offers adventure outings to the Alpes and Atlantic Ocean each year, including lessons from professional ski and surf instructors. One of our former students even competed with the British National Ski Team during their studies.

Horseback Riding

Our students often participate in competitions organized by the city of Maisons-Laffitte, otherwise known as the City of Horses. 

Intramural Sports

Students can take part in athletic activities without the need to travel or compete. They can blow off steam, get in a good workout and have fun at the same time. The following team and individual sports are offered at Ermitage:
Individual sports: – Golf – Horseback riding – Tennis – Table tennis – Badminton – Track and field – Zumba – Fitness – Yoga – Weight lifting – Swimming – Rowing – Kick boxing – Thai boxing
Team sports: – Basketball – Soccer – Baseball – Rugby – Field hockey – Volleyball – Handball

At Ermitage, our students have the freedom to choose the program that's right for them.

Janelle Dubos
Admissions Director